Soylent demographics (bigger, better, shiny visuals)


UPDATE: Added DIY version, current version and secondary reason options, feel free to click the link again and modify your answers. Please DO NOT submit a second form, if unable to modify previous answers, to avoid oversampling the same population (I’m not a statistician, that may be a nonsense statement)

If you have already done the survey, would you kindly edit your response to include zip code or just state, for easier visualization after

@Muggle came up with the original idea and i loved it, and I had an idea to take it further. No shade Muggle, no shade.
Guys, I made a google survey form, if you would kindly fill out as much as you are willing and then you can see the data. I have no other use for this data, just want everyone to see it and i thought it would be more anonymous than posting with your username an more convenient than reading through a thread and trying to tally in your head. Maybe this data would be useful for Rosa Labs, so thats a plus.

To see the results in a spreadsheet:

Soylent In The Media | Updated 11/23

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Hey man, good idea! Can’t access it from work but I’ll get to it this weekend…:slight_smile:



“Main reason” !!! So hard to choose! Is there a way to make the form so more than one response is possible?

Also while there was an option for DIY I might suggest the form be more DIY friendly… for example refer to Soylent/soylent rather than just Soylent or maybe Soylent/DIY. On the forms for “waiting to delivery” that’s hard for me to answer as I’m still awaiting my Soylent delivery!! Although I am on DIY now so I feel I can at least participate…
In that same vein perhaps the “current version” along with being future proof for Soylent versions could include things like DIY/People Chow, DIY/100%Food, DIY/Schmoylent, DIY home brew, as options for those who are either not going the Rosa Labs route or are on alternatives while waiting for Rosa Labs.


Those are good inputs, The reason I wanted to limit custom responses is due to later trying to make visuals for this. its a snap when only the drop downs are available, but if you look at locations, where I let people submit user designed input, I get “silicon valley” “irvine, CA” “CA” which makes it hard to map them or try to quickly tally up by state. Some one entered “Tacoma” I have no idea where that it. I think its in CA, but I grew up with one in MD. I’m not calling anyone out, but thats precisely why I tried to use lists.

I will take your input for the DIY customization, I will try to add it. in a couple minutes:

ANYONE WHO ALREADY TOOK THE SURVEY AND WAS NOT SATISFIED WITH DIY CHOICES, YOU CAN CLICK THE LINK AND CHANGE YOUR ANSWERS. If for some reason you can’t edit your previous submissions, please DO NOT submit another.

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Updated form to allow waiting for official, on DIY, or on DIY not waiting for official. Also added option to input DIY version of soylent.


If you have already done the survey, would you kindly edit your response to include zip code or just state, for easier visualization after



Hmm… can’t update. Even logged into google I guess there is some permission requirement?
Certainly good to clarify “location”… maybe split that into state (as a pull down) and optional zip code? or optional city… might be more useful unless you’ve got an app to turn zip codes into a map for display…


I’m too lazy to populate the list with 50+ locations. but that was the initial thought. Sorry you can’t take it again


Yeah, I can’t edit either.

Postal code should be good enough, though. Some of us international folks are getting our Soylent fix, too, so that would be a huge list!

I had no idea what to enter for step count. I think I’ve done a few dozen today. (bedroom > bathroom > fridge > couch) Been busy. haha Point is, I’m a lazy SOB for a week, then I climb a mountain + cycle for 60km on a weekend. All or nothing, baby!


Haha, I’m the same boat. or bike.


Congratulations! For a great idea & a nice piece of work. I hope everyone signs on & I can’t wait to see the visual.

FYI: Tacoma is near Seattle, in Washington State (above Oregon). The “only out of a virgin’s navel,” was a nice touch.


Thanks everyone for responding! 40 submissions so far! Giving it a bump so it stays visible for new submissions.

Having a busy weekend, I’ll get around to scripting some visuals for this next week. Hoping to use wolfram language and leverage some of its impressive visials


Just filled it out…


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