Soylent + Diabetes Type 2

Hi All,

I have been waiting for solent to finally ship to canada but recently i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was wondering how is 1.5 for people with type 2.

I am planning of mostly eating soylent but being flexible if i have to go out and eat with people.
Does anybody have any recommendations?



I hate to say this, but you should probably ask your doctor. If you do try soylent, be cautious. It’s GI is on the high end of medium, and it’s GL is pretty high.


I live in quebec, anybody here knows which doctor i could approach for this that is aware of soylent? i ordered a week’s supply, should i cancel it?

I’d imagine any doctor who knows stuff about diabetes could look at Soylent’s nutrition facts and decide if it’s appropriate for you.

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People don’t react identically to foods or to Soylent, so it’s not simply looking at a piece of paper and seeing if Soylent fills the bill. That’s why most people with diabetes stab their fingers and do tests. Assuming you have one of the kits, I think you should drink a soylent meal and see how you react.