Soylent diet and international travel?


Hi everyone,

I very frequently fly from the United States to Asia, and also from the United States to Europe (and back). I want to try and maintain a Soylent-only diet for a period of two months, but it seems this necessity of travel may hamper my intentions.

Have any of you put any thought to this? For the Asia trips in particular, we are talking about 20+ hours of airtime; how to keep Soylent cool throughout it?


Well the coolness is a preference on taste, doesn’t harm the nutrition to eat it warm. You could get ice water to mix it with as you go though couldn’t you?
Do you think you’re going to have any trouble flying with it? The reputation of the TSA being what it is, are they going to let you on or off a plane with a kilo or two of a mysterious powder?


They don’t bother you that much about powder, especially if you have it premixed and wave it off as protein powder / supplement. Coming or going through customs, I can’t be as sure, and as a liquid, however, is an entirely different manner.

I’m not sure how he would get it through as a liquid unless he grabbed a thermos / nalgene / bottle with a days worth of powder already in, and then just filled it up with water & shook the dickens out of it.


Most international flights don’t allow you to carry much liquid, going to Europe I couldn’t have more than 100ml in any one containter and I’ve heard going into/out of the US you can’t carry more than 100ml total. No idea about Asia but I’d say liquid Soylent is entirely out of the question for travel.


Can’t carry liquid in, but you can fill empty bottles from the water fountains or vendors inside. As to the powder, I wouldn’t think there will be many problems as long as it’s packaged appropriately and obviously food. Just say “that’s my diet shake mix” and it will probably pass muster.


I’ve traveled US domestic and to Ecuador with Soylent powder in carry on. No issues withTSA or customs. I have calculated a single serving size and put it in individual bags. Put in a 750 ml bottle and added 500 mls water once on the other side for my single serving.