Soylent +.... diet coke


Others may have already observed this, and I know diet coke is a bad thing, but mixing my soylent with some ice and diet coke is almost like having a coke float or vanilla coke. It tastes quite good. FWIW


Are you serious? I don’t want to try this only to find out you were being sarcastic.


Try it again, but replace the diet coke with vanilla porter!


Oh, quite serious. I blend the Soylent up like normal, but ice in a glass and pour about 4 ounces of soylent and the rest diet coke. Really nice.


Is this real life? I must…


Don’t afraid some extra sugar in your intake. If it comes as a part of complex meal - it does not cause extreme spikes in your blood. I add cola in 100%FOOD when I need to change a taste. It’s good.

For others - you may just add freeze dried coffee to get a flavor and caffein.


I’m going to try this tomorrow!


OK, thats just silly good. I tried it (used Coke Zero instead)…this is officially my new favorite way to enjoy Soylent :smile: