Soylent discussed in classes

I saw this brief blog entry which appears to be part of a Biology I class. Interesting that they would discuss Soylent in class.

Looking over the rest of the blog, it appears they discuss several interesting topics in their class.

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The Soylent-review video from The Verge the class is assigned is more than a year old, when it was Soylent 1.0 (and the waitlist was months long). I wonder why the class only discusses the earliest, outdated version of commercial Soylent?

I can’t find a single video review of Soylent 2.0 that isn’t just from random vloggers. It would be cool if a site like the Verge or Motherboard did a video review of 2.0, since the product has improved so much from the 1.x series.

Because discussing Soylent wasn’t the purpose of the class. Rather, the Soylent video provided a handy, real-world example that would interest a class, but which served as a reason to talk about fats and proteins… And to ask a lot of “what if?” questions.

It was a class studying the chemistry that happens to be used to do things like develop Soylent. It’s motivating to show kids that what they’re learning has application.