Soylent Drink is thick and smooth, mixing powder on my own is grittier and thin


I recently bought the pre-mixed drink from the website to give Soylent a try again (I was in the original crowdfunded batch, and I liked it - but, I didn’t stick with it).

I liked the premix, so I bought a tub of the powder to save a little $$.

I mixed it according to the instructions and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

It tastes fine, but there is a little more grittiness to it and it’s a little thinner than the pre-mixed.

Is there something I can do or add to the powder to give it the same consistency as the pre-mix?


Add less water for a thicker Soylent. Experiment with the ratio of water to powder to find your ideal consistency.

I can never seem to shake it well enough so to combat the grittiness I use a blender to mix mine. It gets super smooth, no grittiness to speak of. And I just use the blender’s pitcher to pour from and store in the fridge between meals.

Hope that helps.


Hmm… I used a blender too (The big Ninja blender. Maybe I should use the
smaller NutriBullet I have?). I made 5 - 400 calorie batches and re-used
the ready-to-drink bottles I’d put through the dishwasher so make sure the
ratio was right (I had just enough to fill the 5 bottles).

I’ll try a little less water next time. Thanks!


Odd… I always find my powder to be much thicker than the ready to drink variety. I always mix the whole 5 servings at once. My ‘procedure’ for consistent results (with minimal goop stuck in the blender), is add powder and any extras, add about 1.25L of water (generally with the ‘jet’ setting on the tap to premix a little, don’t have to be super accurate just want enough left over that you can do a final rinse), blend on low, then move up to the high setting until most of the stuck to the sides stuff is gone, then pour in to jug.
If you have any powder stuck to sides, rinse with minimal water, and add to jug. Top up jug.
Works great every time.


i personally mix up my powder the night before lol, waking up 5 for work, the wife and baby don’t like me blending that early in the morning hahaha…so yes, that being said, I do mix my 2 servings up, in my nutribullet, and then transfer them to an old soylent 2.0 bottle for work use…lol. and yes i like mine a tad thinner…so I personally fill the bottles up to the tippy top after blending…usually by lunch time, the blender foam has settled, giving me a lil more room to shake shake shake the bottle, and then add a shot of espresso from the coffee bar at work :open_mouth: lol works out great.

So yes, if it’s gritty, try a blender…I personally mix mine in a nutribullet…and portion them out, one for breakfast and one for lunch.