Soylent + e-cigs?

Anyone into e-cigs as a sensual supplement to Soylent? Just curious - I didn’t find any threads.

How about drinking Soylent as a sensual supplement to playing chess on the Internet? Glory be, I don’t see any threads for that either!


Well, I often see posts that mention gratifying sweet teeth. Maybe you can do that without doughnuts.

There was a little bit of discussion around vaping (which I assume is the same thing?) in this thread, but nothing serious.

From it, I gathered @AgentSpiff was able to quit smoking due to it, and he might be able to provide more of a conversation piece.

I personally have never had the inclination. I have puffed on a couple of cigars over the years, but that is about it.

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Me too. I’ve enjoyed the occasional cigarette or cigar, but it never took. I got into in e-cigs through my work. One of the things I do is keep tabs on the Tobacco Control Act. They sounded good, so I tried some at my local vape shop. For me, it keeps cravings at bay. I do not endorse their safety. In fact, there are some flavors I’d definitely avoid. But it seems to be safer than smoking. Or drinking. Or maybe even eating junk food.

I just looked at the thread, thanks. I wasn’t even thinking about nicotine. It’s been used as a pesticide, and it’s habit-forming at the very least. Still, my old smoker friends swore by its cognitive benefits. The dose makes the poison, after all.

Really? The most conservative adjective I can think of to describe this comment is “unnecessary”.

@LazyVegan - people who do vape tend to do it all day, and either way I don’t think it makes a big difference in how one enjoys Soylent or food. Vaping can be pretty satisfying when you’re relaxing, but getting a good vape takes some relatively expensive hardware so I wouldn’t generally recommend it as a hobby to non-smokers.

I don’t see e-cigs as having any closer relation to Soylent than chess, which I have spent many many hours playing on the Internet.

Maybe you can explain it to me.

Unless your chess pieces are made of food and you move them with your mouth, then I’d say it is somewhat more relevant than chess. Regardless, it isn’t worth being so abrasive over it.

Well, I’m sorry. It struck me as almost spamlike as an excuse to talk about ecigs.

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It’s not exactly what you are asking about, but a lot of people are flavoring their Soylent with LorAnn Oils and that company makes flavorings for e-cigs.

Your old smoker friends are right about nicotine, it’s a nootropic. I’ve been considering getting into nootropics as well, but it’s a bit scarier than soylent and I’m afraid my brain will melt or grow legs and walk away.

Ah…e-cigs i have been dreaming about them since the last couple of days.

I’ve been drawn to this list again after trying 2.0, so I thought I’d revive this thread. It’s embarrassing to read my own posts. Once I began exposing myself, I began to take potential toxicity more seriously.

For workplace exposure (not e-cigarette), the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) 2012 Respiratory Health and Safety recommends:

Any compounded flavors (liquid and dry or powdered) containing any flavoring substances listed in Table 1 in any concentrations if the compounded flavor or any of its individual flavoring substances will be heated during processing [bear a label conveying]

WARNING – This flavor may pose an inhalation hazard if improperly handled. Please contact your workplace safety officer before opening and handling, and read the MSDS. Handling of this flavor that results in inhalation of fumes, especially if the flavor is heated, may cause severe adverse health effects.

Seemed like a good place to start, so I checked popular e-cigarette flavorings ingredients against the flavoring substances listed in Table 1. Most of the flavorings I checked (the ones for which I could find ingredient lists) contained at least one of the listed substances. Many contained more than one.

I had hoped that there would be only a few flavors to avoid. Instead, I’d be hard-pressed to find, or even make, something I like that contained no listed substances.

This seems pretty sobering to me. My conclusion is that I need to take the “continuum of risk” idea more seriously. E-cigarettes are most likely safer than analogs but as we know, these are especially unsafe.

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