Soylent@eatsa, in san francisco?

ok, so they are one step closer to star trek’s replicator, in san francisco.

(co incidentally san francisco is also the site of the future federation of planets headquarters…)

I think @rob should perhaps get them to put a glass of soylent on the menu. at $6.99 per item, it should fit right in. (or maybe the beverages menu, but hey soylent is a meal, right?)

that would be awesome.

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I want it at Taco Bell and McDonald’s. :smile:

I wonder how long it will be before we see Soylent in a custom beverage dispenser. Mixed fresh and quick chilled. Mmm!

Greetings! I head up Product for eatsa. We had @rob come by last week to try the menu – he too felt we should add Soylent to the menu. :slight_smile:

Excited for the continued success of soylent, and look forward to watching the Team grow.


Eatsa is awesome! I got to check it out pre launch. Agree would love to have Soylent on the menu, 24 hours

There is a solid team behind it, looking forward to watching it grow and expand in LA and nationwide


What is with the author of that article and the people in the comments? Who the hell goes to a restaurant to have a social interaction with the wait staff? Don’t we go and have social interactions with our dinner companions?

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Lonely people. :frowning:

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Where do they all come from?

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… she keeps in a jar by the door
Who is it for?