Soylent Editor (Spreadsheet) Official Thread / Updates

All posts on the Soylent Editor will be made on this thread from now on.

I’ve changed this to a permanent link to the folder, let me know if it doesn’t work

I make changes quickly, let me know if there’s anything you want to change.


Looks prettier.


You can add cost information to USDA foods, now.


Fixed a problem where clearing the sheet results in an error.


Upper Limit and Daily Value for copper listed incorrectly, this has been fixed, I strongly suggest downloading the updated version.


only allows import when another soylent editor spreadsheet is open (trying to import otherwise causes an error)
relocked formula cells and worksheets.


Added ability to import recipes from older versions of Soylent Editor (v3 and up)
You can also import recipes from other peoples Soylent Editor spreadsheets (As long as the file name isn’t the same)


Fixed an issue where the popup menu doesn’t go away after pressing delete/update/open.


Added clarity to the update/delete/save process.


Total calories, tutorial, locked portions of the spreadsheet which are not meant to be edited directly.


I’ve added support for opening, saving, deleting, and updating recipes.
You no longer have to list your ingredients in alphabetical order, Excel will rearrange them for you.
There is also no longer a limit on the number of custom ingredients.

Keep in mind to use the new features you’ll need to open it in Excel, and may also have to disable some security features of Excel.


Adjusts for: ketogenic diet, pregnancy, age, weight, activity level.
Allows up to 43 custom foods, and contains 8,600 foods from the USDA nutrient database.


Basic meal editor.
Only includes customs foods.

Why not use And if it doesn’t fit your needs, why not contribute to its development?

Because I’m extremely busy and my work experience is in VBA and Excel Functions. I can create something like this in a matter of hours, whereas helping with the development of MakeSoylent would be more of a learning process for me, since JavaScript, while I do understand it and can program in it, is not a language I’ve actually worked with.

If there are opportunities to help with the development of MakeSoylent, though, count me in! Reproducing some of the features from my spreadsheet on MakeSoylent I think would have a more lasting benefit than continuing development of the spreadsheet, since anyone can access the internet, but not everyone has MS Office.

Basically we have two Soylent recipe “managers” and one has considerably more traction than the other.

I see no reason why there can’t be more than a single solution.

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You are right, there is no reason for there to not be two or twenty.

Mine was thrown together in a couple of hours. My intention was to speed up the process of creating food-based soylents using the USDA nutrient database. If MakeSoylent was more responsive and included foods from this database, then I would use it.

I’m sure looking at the skill of the developer that he would have no problem implementing something to this effect.

Dude, just stick to the one thread. We don’t need three different threads just for different versions of your spreadsheet, regardless of how useful it may or may not be! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Because of the way the threads work more people will see it if I post each new one in another thread. It’s useless to anyone but me if no-one sees it, and people are unlikely to be aware of new versions if I simply update the original thread.

Then bump it - let the topic gain its own momentum. Update the title and post updates - continuity in a topic is good for discussion purposes, otherwise the content is constantly shallow, socially speaking.


Can you explain to me how switching the ingredients works? How are the ingredients in the nutrition section connected to the soylent tab? If I input all of my ingredients that I have now, and then want to switch one out, does it have a function to automatically switch all the info, or do I just copy/paste it? (I don’t know much about Excel beyond simple spreadsheets, so I’m not sure if what I want it to do is magic beyond it’s capabilities.

Edit: The link you provided was for skyline. Do I need to get the fully functioning one off of dropbox?

Any ingredient you add to the nutrition facts page you can then select as part of your recipe on the soylent page.

Excel will update all the values automatically when you change/add/remove a food item from a drop-down.

I’ll try to work on it to make it a little more apparent how it’s used.
I’m going to add a link sometime today.

There is no magic beyond Excels capabilities. It can literally do anything.

Here’s the link:

Really, thank you so much for putting this together. Makesoylent is a great resource, but your spreadsheet is going to help me in a more unique way. I’m running into a problem with finding an appropriate carb source because I’ve got a lot of food limitations, so I’m going to be making a soylent without one - but then just eating my carbs throughout the day. (It’s not the point of soylent, obviously, but my goals are a bit different) So I need to be able to easily switch food sources out to see what I’m getting for the day there, and then adjusting my soylent accordingly. (and honestly, I’d think that would be a handy feature for anyone to have who wasn’t eating soylent exclusively throughout the day, to make sure you weren’t going over or under values). Anyway, thanks. Very helpful.

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haha, thanks and no problem.
Here’s the new link:

Sorry but I tend to make a lot of changes very quickly and update the sheet about 1/day.

Let me know if there are any issues.

Can you describe the changes with each version? Also…wouldn’t it be more helpful to have a cost/day function rather than a cost/g function? It seems as it is now, I would have to do some calculations to figure out how much my recipe would cost me per day, unless I’m missing something.

Edit: Also, if I input all my data, and you update it/make it better - is there a way for me to export my data from the old to the new, or do I have to re-enter everything?

I guess you’d have to do some addition. You’ll notice I ran out of room in the top-left lol.
I don’t want to fundamentally change the layout so I’ve been having some trouble deciding what to do there.

I’m adding a short tutorial right now, in the next version, which should be up in a few minutes, I’ll also have cost per day.

I think it used to and I ran out of room lol.

There is, and it’s easy, it just wouldn’t be fun to explain to anyone who doesn’t use Excel.
I’ll add an import feature to the next Soylent Editor.

For now here’s the new link with cost/day.

I’ll also add a way to add cost information to USDA foods.
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Advice taken. This is now the official Soylent Editor thread.

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Changelog is included as part of the post introduction now

You can import from soylentv3 or above now.
It’s completely possible even to download another persons Soylent Editor and import all of their recipes.

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