Soylent Effect on GERD

So after being on Soylent 1.5 for 3+ weeks now, I decided to go off my Prilosec for GERD last Sunday and voila! GERD is gone!

Typically, when one goes off of a proton pump inhibitor, the body increases stomach acid production to catch up for lost time, but I’ve yet to even have a bad burp at this point. In the past before Soylent, if I went off Prilosec for even a day, I had bad acid reflux.

Not that the Prilosec prescription was expensive ($10/90 day supply) but the unknowns of long term PPI usage (I’ve been on it for 15 years now) are still out there.


That sounds great. I actually had a small amount of stomach trouble with Soylent 1.5, besides the horrible gas if I ate for about 1/3 of my diet. I am now cleaning out my 1.5 supply using it to replace one bottle (400 cal) of Soylent 2.0.

Soylent 2.0 is much better, for me at least. No stomach issues (again only small issues with 1.5). In any case, you might have even better results using Soylent 2.0 (or Soylent 1.6 when it comes out). Of course there are always people who have trouble with each new version. So far I’ve been lucky and the versions have all gotten better. Soylent 2.0 is the first I’ve been able to go 100% on and not render my home unlivable from the horror farts.


Where do you get a 90 day supply or Prilosec for $10??

Sounds like they’re in you by now!

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I was on omeprazole for almost twenty years, been on food replacements for almost a year now since a three week trial of soylent. Cant remember the last time I took a tablet.
It was my diet all the time, huh? Who knew :slight_smile:

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A family member had the same issue and found that 2.0 was the only food he could eat that didn’t cause symptoms. Us Zikos have molten lava for blood, it’s impressive that anything can temper it.

Soylent 1.5 actually triggers my GERD. I can’t drink it at all and had to give away the rest.