Soylent equivalent meal plan?


Does anyone have a complete nutritious meal plan they could share? or ideas for a nutritious meal plan? I love the idea of complete nutrition but I really happen to enjoy cooking, too.

Discussion is welcome, too. Anything that could result in a rough draft of a healthy (Asian and/or Mediterranean) diet is welcome.

I would prefer keeping it vegan, as well but it’s not prerequisite.


@J_Jeffrey_Bragg was doing a ‘real food’ soylent a while back, but I haven’t seen him around lately.


Lol probably because he and I both believe a whole foods system is at the very least more practical.


(shrug) It’s your food, do what you wanna do. :stuck_out_tongue: To me, it’s kind of missing the point of soylent, which was at least in part stated as disposing with the gathering, storage, spoilage and waste of ‘real’ food.