Soylent "Extras"- hoping some of these are removed for final product


Considering many people who want to use Soylent want maximum control over their diet, I’m hoping the “Extras not considered essential” listed on @rob’s blog will be removed, for a number of reasons.

For starters, some of these can interact with various prescription medications. Both ginseng and gingko biloba can adversely affect blood thinners, for example.

Also some people are sensitive or even allergic to gingko and lycopene.

For those of us taking supplements (for example, nootropic stacks) it’ll be more difficult to figure out the dosage of what we’re consuming if some of this is included in the drink. Ginseng for example.

Also, really hoping gingko biloba gets removed based on a serious potential cancer risk to the liver:


There has been a LOT of changes to the ingredients since that blog post. I’m not sure the things you’re talking about are even still in there.


Just to make sure James sees it:

Doesn’t have ginseng or gingko now.


yup, I agree - also - I’m almost as far from a “young athletic male trying to build muscle” as you can get - so the things like creatine etc are really not appropriate for my diet. I’d like to be able to add my own extras.
Ability to buy it with/without extras would be best.


I did see it but I noticed it said “the above list includes the major ingredients of Soylent”, and they haven’t yet listed what the minor ingredients are, and more importantly they have yet to finalize the formula. The new post points out that it’s an update to the last list. The last list uses the same language about it being the main ingredients and there being other vitamins and minerals not listed above. This post however continues “For more information on what these are, please visit:

That’s where I saw the ingredients of concern.


That’s the problem. They still haven’t open-sourced the recipe, despite a lot of waffle-talk. Until and unless they post the actual “official” (I hate that expression in this context) soylent recipe from which they are compounding their present testing version of the product, we’re all just reduced to guessing. Ain’t it a bitch how commercial and legal considerations get in the way of open sourcing, full disclosure and democratic access to knowledge?! I hate to see it happening this way – I really did think they meant what they said about open source, not to mention John Coogan’s statement (two weeks ago) about collaboration on the formula. I thought to myself, “hey, these guys are all young, idealistic and if not actually counterculture, at least they are techies and geeks – maybe they will forge ahead bravely and do things in a very different way.” It’s a comedown to see how the corporate mould shapes people’s behaviour and alters their thinking.


Actually you do need creatine in your diet whether you are lifting weights or not. But if they put a ton of the stuff into the formula then you would have a point.


There is only 3g of creatine, which has been tested extensively to be completely fine for long term consumption and required for optimal brain function

Some of the non-essentials from the original post (such as ginseng and gingko) are no longer included.


Ooh I definitely hope they keep Ginseng out of the mixture! my body cannot take that stuff even in low doses I start shaking like a leaf… O.O Between that and the rice protien and my allergy to rice, I’m really starting to doubt the wisdom of trying this… I am REALLY hoping they choose a different protien and lay off the carbs. The RDA for carbs was based on an agricultural AD CAMPAIN (for wheat / grains) from the 1950’s for heaven’s sakes - very few people in the world need that many carbs in a day!!