Soylent Fan Made Hilarious Infomercial


I can see most people here identifying themselves with this funny video. I know I did.


Wish that was made with Soylent 2.0.

“Here, forget all that and have a drink.”


LOL WTF ROTFL [insert acronym here]


We Soylenteers are a strange bunch.


That was weird. The hot dogs turned into carrots.


Nicely done, especially the cleanup. I too, am crazy about the convenience!


That looks on a par with my cooking skills.


I was really hoping the soylent would have caught on fire after he made it with water.


Funny. Question, are there people who are really that bad in a kitchen?


I come pretty close.


I’m currently on fire at the moment if your curious.


You have probably found the A-list forum for answering that question. This is not the web site for Chef’s World, after all.