Soylent Farts Come Back in time


Hi All,

Just an update. I had ordered and was consuming some DIY I bought from Axcho for the last couple weeks. No digestive problems, no headaches. I really prefer the taste and texture of Soylent though and since I had 2 bags left from the week I bought on Ebay, I decided to splurge and make a pitcher of Soylent, which I love the taste of.

Guess what. :frowning: Soylent farts are back. Same damn smell - you can’t forget it. Same amount of bubbles building in the tummy all day today. I had stopped taking digestive enzymes last time I was drinking Soylent alone and wasn’t having any issues and assumed my gut bacteria had adjusted to the change. Is it possible my (correct) gut bacteria had built up but then went away when I went off Soylent? Its so bizarre.

I’ve been away from the forums the last 10 days or so, so if anyone has brought anything fart related up, I’d be interested in any updates. I’ve been too busy at work to keep up with discourse!

Thanks all!


L’d O L :laughing: :blush: :sunglasses:

p.s sorry to hear it




I do look forward to when they change the recipe to be less farty


Maybe try beano for few days while your guts adopt again?