Soylent Fast Food Chain


So, considering McDonalds has been entertainingly illustrated to be able to kill you in a few months time by Super Size Me, Soylent seems like it’d at least be an improvement above that. If long-term, detrimental effects are proven to be negligible or nonexistent, too, I think it’d be nice to eventually see this stuff in its own restaurant, for on-the-go convenience’s sake. By no means should it only be accessible through such, of course; just one more outlet.


It’d be pretty awesome if existing restaurants picked it up and sold it as a cheap ‘on the go’ alternative, that way you wouldn’t have to deal with opening up new stores.

This is probably one of the less appetizing ideas, but it would also be cool to see soylent fountains. If we can do this with soda fountains, why not something similar for picking flavors, calories, carbs, etc with soylent?


I think a restaurant would be overkill. A simple vending machine, or an awesome one like the magic Coke fountain version @mrob mentioned would be ideal.


This is kind of one of rob’s goals I feel, based on him wanting to make it as available as coffee.


You could have a little shop if someone wanted to experiment with different flavors. Maybe like a cold stone creamery type situation where you could select your own flavor mix ins for the basic formula. Soylent would probably have to become really common before this could happen though.


I think, as has been suggested, a vending machine inspired by recent Coke fountains that enables mix-and-match modular personalization is the way to go.


I wouldn’t mind seeing it deployed in convenience stores as either a vending machine or drink dispenser. Something akin to the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines would be awesome.


I’m really hoping that creating a product that can be customized to some degree is part of the Soylent plan. Rob’s formula sounds great for him, but you’ll notice that he’s already has issues with women not being satisfied.Some clever way of packaging some of the constituent powders would go a long way towards making a product that could be used by anyone. For example, you could have a base pack (1600kcal), a couple of calorie packs (400kcal each), a base nutrient pack (stuff everyone needs), a nutrient pack for me, and a nutrient pack for women.

Of course, this plan has waste in it, but there’s always going to be waste unless Soylent can be customized for you in manufacturing. Something similar to the Coke Freestyle machine would be awesome, though, pick your base, pick your boosts, drink!