Soylent feedback survey


Anyone else here happy to finally see an email asking for customer feedback so that they can track the percentage of users that are experiencing certain symptoms like the gas/digestion and headache issues? Wonder if they’ll ever share these results or if we can create our own poll to get an idea ourselves? Here’s to hoping that the next version of soylent fixes these issues. Side note, I have my own DIY formula which doesn’t give me any gas and I use a lot of whey protein and only 50g of oat flour, along with 250g of maltodextrin, and I’ve tried without the oil and still get gas so for me at least it seems rice protein related(at least most likely), which is sad cause that seems so healthy. And yes I’m one of the ones with really bad gas from it and not just a mild case.


Hmmm I didn’t see that email…


This particular survey only went to a subset of backers that received their first order more recently. @vanclute I think you may have received the first survey I sent out a while back?

@Tony - Definitely looking for a way to work some of the results into communications here on the discourse - would like to be able to quantify the impact all of you are having on the product and to a certain degree operations.

As an interesting preliminary finding, turns out that physical issues appear to be over-represented in this forum compared to the larger sample of backers that have tried Soylent. Not really surprised as typically an issue will drive people to a public forum whereas no issues will not trigger any action. But certainly interesting to quantify! (Totally not trying to minimize any issues that anyone has experienced, just interested in the data)

I’m actually thinking of doing a Q&A on here within the next couple of days. I can probably share more than was in the most recent email update (since that was a very focused communication outlining potential issues and solutions) and quell some of the speculation regarding our “true motivations” (which were truly dealing with the side effects).

Sidenote: We’re looking forward to sharing a more shipping-specific “what does this all mean” update soon - still getting our operational ducks in a row internally on that.


I think the survey should have been included as a part of the process. Ship the product, 1-2 weeks later you get an online survey. Could have saved a shutdown (for no reason now). :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you @ana for your communication! You are awesome! :slight_smile:


I didn’t use it, but there was the option to use a JAWS friendly version of the survey, which I think is pretty awesome!


Sounds good @ana. Looking forward to the Q&A and shipping update.


I never got a survey in the couple of months it’s been since I received my order… So my physical and mental issues that have led to me completely giving up on 1.0 had nowhere else to be addressed but here.

Besides, even if I had at 2 weeks in or something, I wouldn’t have been displeased with the product yet, I was too enthusiastic about it all.