Soylent Fiber Levels


The average American diet contains about 15 grams of fiber. A single serving of Soylent contains 9 grams of fiber. (As per )

The sudden increase in fiber will cause many people to become very gassy. It may be worth considering adding a warning about such an occurrence. Perhaps a suggestion to possible solutions (such as Beano, or other digestive aids) until the body can adjust to consuming the recommended amount of fiber.

A few months ago, I went from an “average American” type diet to the recommended amount of fiber. The flatulence caused any room I was in to be unbearable, until I started taking Beano.
Hopefully my body will adjust and I will be able to stop taking the digestive aids.

I expect some people would try Soylent and then stop soon after due to the gas issue, if there is no solution ready for them.


cause we are supposed to have 35grams i believe


Unsure if you’ve seen this, the gas can definitely be a problem:


im looking forward to the gas, farts are funny


Wanted to know if its possible to reduce the amount of fiber in DYI soylent. I need to have colon surgery and having soylent with no fiber would be great, much better than hospital food. Any Ideas?


Maybe something like this? Zero Fiber soylent