Soylent First Reactions thread


I thought it might be good to have a single thread for people to share their first reactions to Soylent. Here’s mine:

I had pre-frozen some water in my pitcher so that it would be cold, and I mixed up 1 pouch of Soylent as instructed.

On opening the pouch, it definitely has a scent though it is extremely mild. I couldn’t place it but my partner said straight away it smells like whey. I don’t believe there is whey in Soylent, but I can see what she means… it does kinda smell like it. Not unpleasant at all, just different. It’s so mild that it’s definitely not a bother.

My first reaction after mixing was surprise at how “liquidy” it is. I expected something more of a “shake” consistency, but it’s definitely a drink. Maybe as thick as whole milk. I tend to really like thick creamy shakes, so I might make some up with less water in the future to see how that goes.

First sip, I was a bit prepared for it to be somewhat powdery. I had seen another post here saying that it needed an hour or two to “settle” and completely absorb all the powder, and I can definitely see what they meant. That first sip was less than stellar. Not terrible certainly, just powdery despite quite a lot of shaking. So now it’s sitting in the fridge and I will try again in an hour or so.

I’m just so happy it’s here! Today is the first day of the rest of my diet.


If you want it taste more creamy, you need to add oil… which you refuse !


Well then we’re just going to have to find another solution aren’t we?


I think it is quite hard to get a drink that has the texture of a shake (oil-in-water emulsions) without adding oil.


Even if you just add canola oil it will make a difference. 2 ounces should do it. This will also give you the fat calories you are otherwise missing.


I have the vegan blend. I made my first batch last night for use today by adding filtered water. The consistency is @vanclute mentions, like whole milk. I don’t mind it at all. I’ve been describing the taste as noncommittal with a hint of vanilla (but whey would be appropriate). Slightly grainy. Slightly. I think it tastes good. Palatable.

I haven’t purchased a vegan oil replacement, yet. My Soylent arrived unexpectedly quickly!

I’m hopeful and happy at the moment!


After some discussion we have decided to add canola oil after all. I just put it in, letting it sit for a bit in the fridge and will try some soon.


What made you change your mind? (Besides the whole peer pressure brow beating thing. :P)

Also, what was the problem in the first place?

Just curious. :smile:


Answered in the other thread. “peer pressure” had nothing at all to do with it, fwiw.


My first reaction: not fantastic, but I’m not giving up.

I have been looking forward to this for some time, so there may be a case of overhyping here, but what with the talk of finding the finest mesh rice powder etc, I was hoping for a better initial texture.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been drinking these meal replacement drinks occasionally. They don’t provide the same level of nutrition, but I enjoyed them more - they’re all flavoured so I guess that’s my next step. Soylent to me tastes basically flavourless, so I’m not sure how long I could continue drinking it without additions. I’ll also try varying levels of water, to see if it can be smoother.


Yep my thoughts are very similar. Here are my observations now that I’m on day 2…

  1. More water helped. Filling the pitcher pretty much all the way seems to be the way to go.
  2. More time before drinking definitely helped. This batch was in the fridge overnight and is much smoother.
  3. Drinking from a glass rather than with a straw seems to have helped with the grittiness, at least for me.
  4. The flavor definitely is neutral… they really got that right! Strangely however, I’ve been having a hard time getting it to flavor. It’s almost like Soylent rejects/absorbs flavorings! My experiments with flavor yesterday didn’t go well, and I nearly ruined a serving. Managed to save it by adding a fair amount of milk, but I will definitely not be trying cocoa powder again! (and in hindsight, that’s kindof DUH really… LOL)

So for me today I’m going “natural” and just drinking it straight as it comes. I think I can get used to the neutrality of it without a lot of difficulty, and that also means less hassle in preparing it so I do prefer that outcome.

I have to say, it’s a very weird psychological experience to have not “eaten” anything, but feel not only not hungry, but absolutely satisfied in every way. Very hard to describe but the sensation is really odd!


Day 2…

For breakfast, I tried adding chocolate extract. As @vanclute mentioned, it seemed to resist the flavour and I feel like I would’ve had to add the whole bottle to give it more than a mild chocolatey smell! I don’t often eat much breakfast so this may be explaining why my stomach is feeling a little bit …iffy, or I’m just adjusting.

Just prepared a lunch shake and decided to add a whole fresh banana and blend the whole thing. Now we’re talking! This has drastically improved the taste, to the point where the grittiness doesn’t really bother me. It’s thicker and creamier which helps, but hopefully it won’t take a full banana EVERY meal :smile:


I can confirm that unblended soylent seems to resist flavor additions, but maybe blending will help.


That is unexpected. I was hoping to be able to play with the flavoring alot.


I think you’ll be able to play with it fine, just need a blender to really do it.

My latest update fresh to the intertubes…


have you tried maybe a few strawberries or something to make it more like a shake?


I have not, as I’m not really into fruit. I’m actually just getting used to it “straight” now, and finding that it’s not unpleasant at all. In fact the aftertaste is of vanilla cake! Pretty funky but not a bad thing. =)

I might try pineapple at some point though… I do like pineapple/orange smoothies. Only thing is that involves the blender which I really don’t want to have to drag out, clean, etc.


I’m wondering about mint. Mint oil pretty strong and pairs nicely with mild vanilla. Might have to give it a shot when my first batches show up.

The "Flavoring Soylent" thread

Interesting idea. Just be aware that, via some mysterious property that I can’t explain, Soylent seems to almost reject flavor additives. It takes a lot more than I would have expected, to get a flavor to actually come through. At least that was my and @cxmu’s experience.


I’ve got some mint syrup (the kind they use in Italian sodas) that I plan to try in mine. It’s probably 99% sugar though. If it pairs well I’ll probably get some mint oil to replace it with.

@vanclute - I really appreciate all the updates. Thank you.

I am a little disappointed about the powdered peanut butter as I bought some specifically for mixing with my Soylent. Maybe I’ll just eat it with a spoon and wash it down with plain Soylent. :stuck_out_tongue: