Soylent Food Bank?


What are your thoughts on a Soylent charitable food bank?

Something like:

Do you think Rosa Labs would be willing to donate Soylent to a cause like this?


I doubt Soylent would be willing to donate anything while they are still having trouble meeting their current demand, and it would be unfair to expect a private company to donate anything in the first place (after all, soylent doesn’t get it’s materials for free). After the price has lowered and production has caught up with demand however, I’m sure there will be plenty of organizations buying Soylent to give to food banks.


But that would require an educated food bank clientele also. I wouldn’t want to give this to anyone who isn’t actually requesting it.

However, if the product ever does hit the mainstream, I can see people wanting Soylent for the same reasons that backpackers are increasingly liking it. You don’t need the same facilities as regular food requires and you don’t have to worry about spoilage. Also homeless folk need all the sustained energy they can get.



@spaceman has raised donations for and sent some shipments of his 100%Food to feed kids in the Philippines, apparently with good results.


Thanks @asympt for heads up!

In addition to Philippines Hank Pellissier sent me a link to his report from Uganda and announce of his forthcoming conference. We thought that conference will yield with new initiatives and will need more 100%FOOD to support. So just setup a new campaign for Powdered FOOD BANK.

As you remember - formula is easy: customers donate for ingredients, we integrate food, Henri delivers. You may find details in my recent blog post.

Thank you for all contributions you made, by money and word!