Soylent Food Funnel?

What are the chances that with every shipment of Soylent Powder, a few paper funnels could be added in to make pouring the powder less messy?

I’ve been making my own out of printer paper (of all things) and just using a piece of tape to hold it together. Whenever it starts losing structural integrity, I just make another.

There is usually a lot of paper (along with stickers) with the Soylent shipments anyway, so one extra sheet shouldn’t make a huge difference. Obviously it would take extra assets to make this happen, but I for one would find it useful. What about everyone else? What do you think, @Conor ?

I would find using a paper funnel more trouble than it was worth. I open the bags near the sink, so if some powder spills it has an easy place to go without much mess.

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Have you seen the Nutribomb funnel? (Recently posted on reddit) Stores one portion of powder for transport, then funnels it into a water bottle.


I did the same, and the mess was never very big, but… dumping the contents of the pouch into the Soylent issued pitcher was never a very pleasant process, for me at least (still, a very minor inconvenience).

A piece of folded paper sounds like a good home remedy though, although I’d probably be too lazy to take that extra step anyways.

I’ve switched to liquid, but when I used powder, I don’t remember this problem, I’d just open the bag, slip it into the mouth of the pitcher (which was half full of water), and tap it a bit. Never remember spilling any.


Spilling wasn’t really an issue, it just didn’t seem like an efficient process. I’ve also switched to RTD.

Coffee filters come in paper cones at the grocery store, 100 count for a couple dollars, just snip the bottom.

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Yeah, as wms said, if you make the entire bag at once it’s super easy. You can slip the whole top of the bag into the pitcher and never spill a drop.