Soylent for 1-2 meals per day


So @axcho was kind enough to sell me a week’s worth of his custom People Chow Premium which fits my caloric target and macros pretty well. I’ve had some troubles with incorporating it into my daily routine and have written this to ask everyone for some ideas/suggestions/help.

My aim is to lose weight despite being a college student home for the summer with nothing to do. Thus, I’ve tried to drink the soylent for breakfast or lunch while eating a regular (for me) dinner.

The problem I think I’ve run into is that I don’t eat my calories in thirds throughout three meals but rather in a 25-25-50 per meal ratio. Yet I’ve been consuming 1/3 of a day’s worth of soylent for breakfast/lunch. Has anyone else who is subbing in soylent for only a meal or two encountered this problem? If so, how did you deal with it?


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I’m also someone who doesn’t eat much during the day.

I found that mixing up a half meal (for me, about 300 calories worth) and adding some fruit/veg on the side made it an easier goal. I am nursing that over breakfast/lunch. Like today I packed 300 cal soylent with a banana blended in for texture, a couple of cutie oranges and a bag of carrots.

There is no way on earth I could consume 900 calories of soylent before dinner time. So I am just consuming what I can. I also have a bit before bed, to avoid late night snacking … Previously a big issue for me.

Is your goal to reduce conventional food? Drinking some soylent 1/2 hour before dinner - even just a little bit - will reduce your desire for too much conventional food.


It’s good to have a specific goal in mind. But I would suggest that if you really want to lose weight, doing stuff with your body to stimulate metabolism is going to make a big difference.


When I have “food days” I am similar – 25/25/50. So I generally eat a batch of Soylent 50/50 over two days, and eat whatever I want for dinner those two days. It is difficult to consume 1,000 Calories in one sitting, at least for me. So it works out nicely.