Soylent for cats?


What If You Had Other Equally Positive, Equally Easy Meal Options?

Joke posting, of course. Hint: Look at the date


Lol first time reading that, thanks for the laughs


If they’re ever able to make a Soylent for cats, we will be first in line for it. I suggested this to Rob right after we first got our Soylent, having no idea at the time that he had written that post. :smiley:


I know this is a joke, but on a more serious note, the whole idea is pointless.

Cats, being obligate carnivores, have much simpler nutritional needs. In the absence of a gazelle for them to pounce on and kill, any decent canned cat food will provide optimum nutrition for a cat for under $1 per day per cat.


Yeah, but, the post isn’t about making Soylent for cats, the post is about making Soylent Cats.


Buy mouse traps. Use your standard Soylent to bait the traps. Feed dead mice to cat. Done.


Vegan cats get their orders first.


Cats, being obligate carnivores, have much
simpler nutritional needs. In the absence of a gazelle for them to
pounce on and kill, any decent canned cat food will provide optimum
nutrition for a cat for under $1 per day per cat.

I would have agreed with you until a few years ago. Now I know that it is simply untrue. A cat can and will live a reasonably full lifespan on even dry cat food (“friskies” if you will). But it is far from optimum. After dealing with two of our eldest cats having serious nutrition issues in their old age, the cats who came after them started getting frozen “raw” (though fortified) cat food. It’s expensive as hell and I had my doubts about the supposedly near-miraculous claims of customers. But after just a few days… they were right. Their coats were glossy like never before, their personalities were “perkier” and even friendlier than ever, and even their waste stopped stinking! I would never have believed it if I didn’t experience it first hand.

Standard (even “premium”) commercial cat food is far from optimum. Soylent for cats would be extremely welcome to those of us who have come to realize there is in fact a massive difference, just as Soylent for humans has become so desirable for those of us fortunate enough to discover first-hand how different it is from a standard human diet.


Joking aside, though, there is a soylent for cats. I know about it, because I feed my dog the dog version:

Like Soylent, it’s not necessarily the cheapest way to feed. But it’s a great alternative to frozen raw: dehydrated raw meat and eggs with a bit of dehydrated veggies and supplements, all in a convenient, easy-to-measure powder you mix with warm water and wait for five or more minutes. (I mix my dog’s before our walk and leave it to soak in the fridge.) Like with Soylent, you can even add flavorings or other ingredients to taste.

BTW, most of the “premium” cat kibbles are really not that good, even if they have words like “science” in their names. Avoid grains.

If you have a dog, same link above, go to the Product Selector link. There are other good dehydrated raw foods, but this brand (which your pet-food store just might sell) is good, convenient, Soylent-like, and highly rated on (some flavors slightly higher than others).


I was talking about good wet food, not a reasonable life on dry food.

Yes, pure raw food is optimal. But a good wet food is still damn good and economical.

My cats are healthy and have shiny fur. I feed them a mix of 5.5oz Purina Friskies Savory Shreds (link to one of eight flavors I feed them) and 1/2 cup Blue dry food each day for two cats. They have healthy weights and healthy blood work per my vet who knows a lot about cats. The dry food helps with hairballs too.


Yeah a good wet food is far better than dry, but I can just now say from first hand experience that the difference between a good wet food and raw (even though they were already extremely healthy etc.), was mind blowing. Like I said, I wouldn’t have believed it (in fact I didn’t believe it just from reading about it) if I hadn’t seen it myself.

That’s awesome about the powdered cat food… I’m totally going to look into that!


Like I said, raw–but freeze-dried raw in powdered form. I was feeding my dog frozen raw, switched to freeze-dried raw, and have been just as happy with it. Lots easier to travel with, too.


Ah… just looked more closely at the powdered cat food, it’s got a bunch of veggies which are just pure filler for cats. We tried one of these (our local pet store has them, might have even been this brand I don’t recall) and out cats mostly wanted nothing to do with it. When they had to they would ultimately eat it, but their bowel movements were very unhappy. On pure raw their bowels have never been better. These kinds of things where they add veggies and starches and such, are clearly meant to appeal to humans since that’s who they’re selling to. But for the animals, it’s definitely sub-optimal. Maybe dogs are more tolerant of such things since they’ve evolved more closely to their human counterparts over the millennia.

Decent in a pinch I suppose like if you need something shelf-stable that you can keep for emergencies, travel, etc. But personally it worked very poorly for us as their normal diet.


Yeah, I haven’t used their cat food, and while cats in the wild do eat some plant material by virtue of eating their preys’ guts, they may have a higher percentage of veggies than that. (At least you know they’re not inflating their protein count with grain proteins that cats don’t digest well.)

I do like their dog food very much, but when I last had a cat (RIP), I was feeding him ZiwiPeak, which is almost entirely air-dried meat, and also shelf-stable and all those other things. My cat really liked the ZiwiPeak too. Honest Kitchen was just irresistible to mention because the form factor is so like Soylent.

There’s also the Primal freeze-dried line, which for cats has 5% to 11% “produce” in content, a lot closer to the raw-mouse-and-bird-gut salad a hunting cat would get. I was happy with the ZiwiPeak so I never tried that, though my dog gets some Primal also. I like to vary diet when possible. (Primal’s dog formulas are lower in protein than their cat formulas’ roughly 60% by calories, since as you say dogs have evolved with us to be more omnivore.)


Very cool, thanks for the additional insights and brand mentions. Great to have options!


What brand are you using @vanclute?


The raw food brand we’ve been using is called RadCat - very pricey but if you can swing it, it’s amazing what it did for them. Took them a couple days to adjust to it since it was definitely different (and it’s a bit gross if like me, you’re not a carnivore) but after a pretty easy adjustment period, they loved it.


I let my cat lick a little dry DIY off my finger. He has always seemed interested in what is in my bottle. It was dry so tasted more of chemicals than you would like. He followed me around for a couple minutes after begging for more. I thought I had just confirmed a brilliant idea and thought about giving him some DIY soylent in tiny amounts. You know how I love my cat. 10 minutes later he threw up all over the place.

So, for Science, what percentage of his diet should I replace immediately?

(Just kidding. I even capitalized Science!)


Hmmm… for Soyence? :wink: