Soylent for different body types


So, I am definitely an extreme when it comes to body type. I am sitting near 1/4 a ton, and I have been placing myself in a position financially to make some life changes. I’ve worked out a personal trainer, and I’ve been considering diets. I was going to do a juicing diet (where I do nothing but blend fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables), but a friend told me about Soylent a few months back and I’ve been following it since.

As I am nearly to the point where I could begin my diet, I was wondering if Soylent could be a potential dietary choice for me. First, could I take Soylent with the intention to lose weight? I assume it would help with that, but I wanted to be sure. Assuming I can, would the normal Soylent batch found in the kickstarter be safe for me to consume? I assume my nutrition requirements are very different considering how different my body size is from most.



The problem with weight loss is that you should never lose more than 1kg per week, otherwise you’ll have heart problems.

I don’t think Soylent will hurt you but at 250kg I wouldn’t do any weight loss programs without being followed by a doctor, and that includes explaining to him what Soylent is. You are not the average dont-like-to-cook Soylent user…


Before I say anything else, would you mind posting a food log of just what you eat in a day or two, including weight or volume or calories?


Thank you for the response. Do you have anywhere I can learn more about your stated fact about 1/kg a week being bad for your heart, as the diets I had planned definitely aimed for more than that (some offering up to 3 kg a week). I would love to read/know more.


Google will give you a number of websites that talk about it, although I cannot guarantee they know what they’re doing.

As for that value, I’ve heard several people mention it, including doctors, but this was always in casual conversation.

Anyway, as I said, at 250kg you want to do this with a doctor looking over your shoulder. I thought you had one already.


No, no, sorry. I have a personal trainer who is helping me plan the work out side to my diet. I have not currently consulted a nutritionist, though that is on my list of things to do before my diet begins.


I’m currently restricted to the number of links I can post, so I can’t post the dietary breakdown I had for you until I can format it and compile the numbers. Give me until this evening and I’ll have that for you.


Okay, thanks.

/and some more characters…


I think you really need a doctor. The personal trainer and the dietician are a definite good idea, but the doctor will spot things neither of them is trained to look for.

Anyway, I’m not your mom. This is the last I’ll say about this.


Also, you dont need anyone’s permission to eat healthy and walk (or maybe deep water aerobics) . Both of those can quickly change your weight trajectory.


This morning I was wondering about this. Since there are at least 3 different body types (ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph), do nutrition studies factor these differences in their research/results?

For example, is it possible that carbs should be avoided by endomorphs but are essential for ectomorphs? I think it is risky to assume that all human bodies react approximately the same to a given set of food/supplement.