Soylent For Elon Musk's Mars trips?


I am sure most of you heard about Elon Musk’s recent plan he announced to start getting people to Mars within 10 years and have a self-sustaining colony of around a million people within 40-100 years at an eventual cost of around $200,000 per person. (more to start)

Also, his vision encompasses travel beyond Mars as well.

“This system really gives you freedom to go anywhere you want in the solar system,” said Musk. “I wouldn’t recommend this for interstellar journeys, but this system–provided we have filling stations along the way–means full access to the entire greater solar system.” In particular, he’s eyeing a mission to Europa


I am assuming Soylent or some other soylent-like meal replacement would need to be utilized to optimize nutrition-to-weight cost ratios for consumption both during travel and when on Mars.


Knowing humans and our attachment to sacred sensory experience while ingesting food, we will do everything in our power to uphold our food prep and eating rituals.

I bet we’ll even drag animals to Mars and we’ll find a way to rationalize inefficiency and costs - “look, we can use every part of this animal, we can even use hoofs to make glue on Mars, it’s so useful”.


Growing food would have the secondary benefit of cleaning the air, etc. Algae, given time and dollars for research and development, could probably provide food and “air” much cheaper. Luckily we’ve got companies working on the food part right now. Heck, I’m paying Rosa Labs which pays some other company to do the research and development for food from Algae. I guess I’m just doing my part to make Elon Musk’s plan a reality. (Seriously I am so excited by all the stuff Elon is doing, from the Tesla to Mars.)


I always wonder what they’re planing on doing about the effects of long-term exposure to Mar’s low gravity. In the video they hint at terraforming mars but that would likely need an atmosphere which with it’s low gravity, would be hard to convince to hang around. Winds on mars aren’t like there are in The Martian film or book.


If we rounded up the worst douchebags in San Francisco, that’d probably get us half way there in population terms immediately, and a Kickstarter to blast them all into space would surely break every crowdfunding record.

Bro we’re gonna lift like we’ve never lifted before.


For colonizing mars, I like the Red Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. I don’t recall anything in there specifically dealing with lower gravity holding the atmosphere down though. The series was released in the 90’s.


Mind uploading is the real answer. RL would need to pivot, though.


Alloy bones would be better. Lifting will only help while we’re lifting, heavier bones will produce a permanent Earth like gravity.


Our ancestors lived on Mars. Look at the length of our circadian cycle. And Earth gravity is too high for our backs, knees, etc.


As robotics people noted decades ago, most space exploration should be handled by robots. Maybe eventually people could live on satellites that spun enough to produce enough gravity, but we don’t really need people on other planets at this stage. No Soylent needed, and no space-unions either.


Remote observation techniques are improving faster than probes can reach various destinations. We will only travel for power and raw materials.


Got my bone right here, steel bro :muscle: :eggplant:


I, for one, welcome our new space exploration robot overlords.

Seriously, though. If a super-rich, Lex Luthor-like dude wants to send a bunch of people to Mars I don’t see what the problem is…Wait a minute…


I don’t know what the eggplant means but

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Traveling to mars is a terrible idea. If lack of food & water doesn’t kill you, the lack of a gravity, magnetosphere & atmosphere will kill you.

I don’t really even get the point of colonizing mars, or any other planet until it looks as or more appealing than earth. The world isn’t overpopulated, but overly-dense cities might make it look that way.


In terms of overpopulation you’re referring to land area. But just as with Mars, there is the problem of potable water, food, materials. Earth has a limited amount and we can only mine so much in a lifetime. Earth is sort of overpopulated. It comes down to how much of what people should get, which is a silly conversation.


Remember that satellites going around the earth once seemed useless, but now we couldn’t do without them. I think that mining and other activities could be useful on Mars and the Moon.



My money is on volcanoes. We can nuke an asteroid before it hits us, but there’s no stopping a volcano.


Also…Von Neumann Machines: