Soylent for Food Addiction

From reading around this forum I’ve noted that most people say they are interested in Soylent for either Nutrition, Cost, Weight Loss or Convenience. I’m on Soylent for a different reason. Thought I’d put it out there in case I’m not the only one.

I am on Soylent because I can’t control my eating. I have been dealing with depression for many years and Food is my go-to comfort (and self destructive) vice.

I’m not using Soylent to lose weight but on diets in the past that limited the amount or kind of food I would eat…The fact that I was still eating food meant that I would make excuses and have a little more “this time”…or have something off my diet menu because “im having a bad day”…and would always slowly deviate from the diet and eventually give up…

When I wasn’t dieting…I would eat till I was so full that I didn’t notice that I was depressed for a little while…I would make excuses like “If i’m fat then THAT is the reason i’m alone or unpopular or sit at home all weekend (or whatever else I needed to justify at the moment).”

Soylent is like no diet I have ever been on before. It’s the only Diet I’ve ever been on that is not based on FOOD…I didn’t start Soylent for this reason…I mostly started cause it was just something interesting I found on the interwebz and cause they were brave enough to call it Soylent…but I quickly realized that this would be a way to combat my food addiction and abuse.

Anyone else in a similar boat?


Though not to the same degree as you, yes, I’ve experienced this. It’s one of the major reasons I’ll be doing Soylent, and why I will try to limit “normal” food to social situations that specifically call for it (i.e. I am going to a meal with someone, not just having a bite–or twenty–while doing something else).

At the same time, I don’t want to drive myself crazy. If I have a specific craving, I’ll probably allow myself to satisfy it, but from what I’ve read cravings are less frequent on Soylent since your body is already getting what it needs.

I’m right there with you. My sister once said to me, “Bri, you only have one portion size…ALL.”

I have a Soylent philosophy. For me, Soylent is about changing my relationship with food. It’s about making food obsolete as a vice. It’s about Soylent meeting all my basic nutritional needs and, eventually, eating only the most healthy, the most flavorful, the most artfully presented fare for my culinary pleasure.

Dieting is hard, but drinking Soylent is easy. It’s far easier for me to eat only one thing than it is to eat less of everything.

I think you’re on the right track. Soylent is the only simple way I know to control your calories and still get all the nutrition your body needs. And, like you said, it takes food right out of the equation. I think that when Official Soylent arrives it will get even better. Food won’t be a second thought; we’ll just be livin’ the easy, healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s very encouraging to hear from like-minded people. Keep posting!


I had a similar saying from my folk when i was a teen…I only eat 1 time a day…alll day long…

For anyone dealing with depression…i dont have any sources at the moment…but…i heard from some people i consider reliable and did find some info on it in the past…

Massive amounts of fish oil having similar and better benefits for treating depression as a standard anti depressant… I jumped on board that and seemed to have good effects. Ofcourse being depressed and having no motivation for positive action I would often not take my fish oil daily so I would have mixed results…

I’m a big guy…2000 cal isn’t much for me and that was a concern with official soylent…On that note…I am currently on a 2000 cal DIY soylent and take 15-16 Fishoil pills a day which comes out to about 2250 calories total…its not much but its more calories which is good for me and i get my fish oil dosage in the mix. (i dont put the fish oil in the soylent…tried that…UGH!!!)

between actually getting proper nutrition, plenty of water and actually taking my daily fish oil…im actually feeling pretty damn good…havent had any serious depressive episodes in like 2 weeks…used to be a bi daily issue

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Similar, except that I’m not addicted to food, I’m addicted to coke and almost always have some within hands reach. I became interested in Soylent for the health and convenience factors, but if it help me overcome my addiction it will be total win!

ohhhhhh…that kind of coke…lol…I used to drink 3-5 cans of mountain dew a day…had a can last week one a solid food day (gotta finish the 36pack i bought right before soylent :slight_smile: )…couldn’t fall asleep till 3am…how quickly things change.

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I go through phases when I can cut back a fair bit, although I haven’t been able to completely rid myself of the habit in over 22+ years. Unfortunately the current phase is one of the absolute worst phases I’ve been through. I’m at 1-2 cans in the morning before work and on my commute, 2-3 bottles through the work day, a bottle on the way out for the commute home, then another 1-2 cans with dinner and before bed. That’s an average of 1000+ liquid calories a day (and I can’t even dare calculate the financial cost). I don’t actually eat a lot, so I’m pretty sure I consume less than 1000 food calories daily. So I’m getting more of my calories from coke than I am from actual food.

yup…that’s pretty extreme…best of luck on that.

I have troubles with diets and eating the right amount as OP. I am a foodie and love to eat. I am trying to eat better, but I know portion control is my weakness and my downfall to gaining weight. I can’t wait for my soylent to come which will aid in my portion control and eating better.

The worst thing about portion control is even if you can do it, you’re usually still hungry, especially if you’re already living on a budget so your body is craving extra minerals anyways.

Just chiming in to say I am also doing it for this reason. I have lost weight before, but it takes so much effort that when I inevitably stop focusing on it, I gain it all back.

I’ve always thought that I wish my body worked like a car and I could just “fill up” when my tank was empty, but no product existed before that would allow me to do that.

I tried doing Slim fast, and I still eat/drink Slimfast for breakfast every morning, but because it has to be mixed with milk it’s not possible for me to eat it all day. Plus it’s only meant to be a supplement… you’d be missing a lot of nutritients if you only had Slimfast.

Anyway, my point is just to be another person saying you are NOT alone in this, and I think there are many many people who feel the same way.


thanks for chiming in…thats why i started this post…to have a place for people who are using soylent for this purpose to chat and share expreinces and idea on how to be more successful

Yep, same here exactly. I tell most folks I have a doppelganger. When I am NOT hungry, i know what I should do. when i get hungry all that is out the window and i eat a lot… then i feel bad afterwards. This will be my new relationship with food. First 60 days solyent only. After that, most meals will be solyent except for fun and dinner with the family.

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Doing this for similar reasons.I tend to forget to eat or put off eating decently until I get really hungry and then I eat like crap. People Chow helped with that a lot. Basically I’d just grab that, feel full and then think out/plan good healthy meals for later in the day as main dinner.

On days when I was on People Chow full time I actually craved healthy food. It was weird, but I’d want vegetables and what not. Just some fresh clean flavors and textures. When I’m on normal food I’m always craving junk food. Oh and I’m totally soda’s bitch as well. I constantly crave having a Dr Pepper or Coke.

I’d really prefer to approach food like I do alcohol or tobacco. It’s something you can experience or enjoy but it’s best in moderation. It’s a silly idea to drink whiskey all the time instead of water for hydration and yet we drink sugar water and gnaw down nutritionally unbalanced solids for our food and no one gives it a second thought.


I don’t really ever get depressed, can’t claim to know what that’s like. However, I do tend to eat more/worse when stressed. Some days I just can’t seem to get full, no matter what I eat. Some days I’m full for hours after just 2 slices of pizza. My appetite is very irregular.

I’m hoping that by replacing all the “crap meals” such as Hot Pockets, Bagel Bites, frozen dinners, fast-food burgers, etc. with Soylent that I’ll be healthier overall and maybe lose some weight too. :slight_smile:

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oh damn…hot pockets…forgot all about those…now I have a craving…thanks ALOT!!! JK

My kryptonite:

jebus…BBQ BEEF??? ive never seen that flavor…thats it…cancelling my soylent order…im going to an all hot pockets diet

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They taste remarkably similar to the (now only seasonal) Arby-Q if you’ve ever had one, though the meat is not as thinly sliced.

I was addicted to Arby-Qs as a kid and now that they’re usually not available I have to supplement with the Hot Pockets version.

My god I can’t wait to stop eating all this crap though. I need to live long enough to enjoy the money I’m putting away for retirement.

just had a notice…I have to work late today…not sure how late…on that note i have been rationing my days soylent to make sure it lasts incase i get stuck here late…I dont mind getting hungry at home before bed…but i wouldnt like to get hungry at work after a long day and being stuck hungry at work for 2 hours.

normally I get hungry…i take a sip of soylent right away and it goes away…now that im trying to make sure it lasts when i get hungry…i wait like 10 min then take a sip…just not letting the hunger control me as much.

Then I noticed…THE HUNGER ISNT CONTROLLING ME AS MUCH…When I was on real food…hunger (or any mild version of it) meant…I HAVE AN EXCUSE TO EAT!!!

Now hunger is just a reminder…hey…maybe put something in your belly versus…OMG chug half a thermos of soylent…must please the hunger gods!!

Kinda reminds me of what people say about babies…if you pick them up every single time they cry…they will learn to make noise and get attention from it…which will result in annoying adults with entitlement issues.

Been hungry since before I started typing this message…normally id take a sip first then write…but now my logic is…

WHATS THE HURRY…im not gonna die…im not gonna faint…

I am feeling hunger…that means i need to eat something…thank you hunger for letting me know that…ill be with you in 5 min…

Just a notice…

hope im not over sharing…sharing like this helps me justify and solidify new patterns.

and now for the soylent… gulp gulp