Soylent for Food Addiction



i’m guessing this is a scifi reference (firefly???)…but to me that man will always be John Casey


It is a Firefly reference, but I’m not seeing the relevance.

The quote itself is by the character pictured. He had just seen the shipboard ‘Companion’ (think high-end female sex geisha) walking a very, very, hot female client to her shuttlecraft/quarters. I’ll leave the implications of the quote to your imagination.


It’s in reference to this ^


sorry the reference went over my head…but thanks for replying and for going to the effort of googling the image to attempt to bring us entertainment.


This will be my use for Soylent also. Like somebody mentioned above, my portion control is currently set to “ALL” and I constantly stuggle with “I’ll just have a bit more.” So I plan to use Soylent to flush all the crap from my body and let my taste buds reset to neutral. At that point I will likely ease back into eating healthy foods. For me, Soylent will be a tool for performing a hard reset on my eating habits. Though I will be supplementing with a good whey protein and Shakeology in order to get the calories I need to maintain my muscle mass.


Same for me. A medically-supervised diet and a 12 Step Program at Overeaters Anonymous has helped me keep about 40 lbs off, but an additional 20 yo-yos for me due to addiction to food. The difficulty with a food addiction is that, unlike alcohol, drugs, smoking or gambling, you cannot completely quit food. Ever. Someone I know who also struggled with food described it as, “unleashing the tiger” 3 times a day and then trying to put it back in its cage.

Being “sober” from compulsive overeating in a 12-step program is called “abstinence”, but the challenge is that everyone defines abstinence differently. Some call it 3 meals a day with no snacks, some call it no sugar. There are a million possibilities because there is no way to cut out eating entirely. Soylent, to me, felt like a chance to fuel oneself in a way that could easily be defined as abstinence. Though I still wouldn’t consume it 100% of the time, when I did have Soylent, that would be another relief-filled instance where I wouldn’t have to struggle with Choice, which is where the struggle and ensuing guilt often stems from. You’re not alone, OP!


I’m in the same boat as you all. I originally ordered Soylent because i was gaining weight fast since i was totally and unequivocally addicted to food. I had recently lost 60 pounds while undergoing chemo for Leukemia, and i was excusing my thirst for food by saying i deserved it after what i had gone through. Well, i gained the 60 pounds back, and 20 more and my body is screaming at me. I lost all my muscle in the hospital and now its just fat piling up. Ive tried everything, but anything that had to do with solid food just doesnt work. I’ve tried DIY soylent 3 or 4 times, but never was able to get the texture to something i could stand for longer than a day at a time. I’ve been waiting and waiting for my soylent to get here. I am super excited. I ordered 3 months back in the initial month, so i get it first! 1 more week! Maybe this’ll be the solution.


Yes, @konacj Rebound is very common. Please keep updating as I am curious how it works out for you.


@Michelle, i got my soylent a week ago and so far so good. The first few days were torture, but after 3-4 days i wasnt nearly as hungry as before. We’ll see what continues to happen as the days progress. I’ll be updating on a new site


Oh definitely. I’ve been interested in combating food addiction with Soylent since I first heard about it. I’ve been slightly overweight my entire life, and feel like I have always had a hard time controlling myself around food. I’ve been on Soylent for about 10 days now (50%-75% Soylent I would say, I’m still eating “regular” food) but I’m starting to notice a decline in food cravings, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Example: last night my girlfriend made homemade chocolate chip cookies, which are absolutely my kryptonite. Normally I would eat at least half a dozen without so much as a blink. I did have a couple, but halfway through, I realized the cookies tasted way too sweet, and I was starting to feel nauseous. I actually had to stop eating because the cookies were bordering on unpleasant. This has NEVER happened to me before, so I can’t think what would have caused it, except for the Soylent affecting my sense of taste. I’ll be interested to see if this keeps up as I continue eating Soylent.


I just want to comment.
I have struggled with an extra 10 pounds the last few years. I’m 62.
My July order arrived in November and I am in the habit of consuming one travel mug amount of Soylent per day.
I also have added about 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to the 3 mugs of coffee I drink in the early hours of the day.
For munchies I went with lightly salted almonds from Costco.
In two months I have only lost 3-4 pounds and am very pleased that my desire for sugar-such as ice cream and the munchies has declined.
Have not ramped up any exercise program-I get in 1-2 mile walks a couple times per week.
I plan on being a regular client “forever”.
Bottom line from me is that Soylent is pretty cool.


Funny @ronaldh720 - my experience is very similar! I used to always crave sweet foods, but since starting Soylent (I usually flavor mine with vanilla or almond extract, which gives it a sweet flavor), I’ve started to crave very different foods. Instead of ice cream and donuts, I crave things with a crunchy texture, or strong flavors – apples, pickles, salsa… the texture of solid food is a real pleasure, and I’m much more satisfied by snacking on things like fruits and vegetables than I used to be.

I still struggle with food addiction, for sure, but I’ve only been having Soylent regularly for about a month so far. I’m hoping with time it will get better and better. :smile:

Let me know how things continue progressing @ronaldh720, would be curious how things continue to develop for you. Congrats on the weight loss, too!


Does this help in losing weight? I am curious.


I feel your craving for those food items is also because of the salt in them. If you want to beat your craving towards them try adding some salt (1/3 tsp to a days worth of soylent…if the taste allows…and then later drop it to 1/4 tsp which is the recommended dietary amount to a days worth). It could help you beat it to some extent.


Not a ton of sodium in an apple.


I was referring to pickles and salsa.


The funny thing is, I tend to add salt to my apples… :smile: no lie. but that makes sense, I hadn’t thought of the sodium bit. thanks for the suggestion, @Tark.


Nothing beats a salt craving like steak or cheeseburgers in my book.


Not even salt? :open_mouth: