Soylent for Gastritis?

I’ve been having problems with gastritis and I’m wondering if Soylent might be able to help without exacerbating bloating/pain/acid/etc.

I feel like I should add something more, but that’s really the extent of my inquiry.


That would depend on what is causing your gastritis. Perhaps if you told us what is causing it we can give you our opinions.

The only diet related treatment that Soylent may not help you with is gluten from wheat. Soylent is cross contaminated with wheat. This is assuming you have celiac disease.

The cross contamination in Soylent would still give it a low gluten label basically and last I heard it was only slightly above the level to be “gluten free” at least that was true for 1.0

Gluten shouldn’t be a problem for me.

How did it turn out?
Suffering from the same ailment.