Soylent for Homeless Shelters

I’m throwing this idea for anyone who will take it. Soylent could be very useful for the homeless. Where I live, the municipal governments posts up a list of cheap-to-free meals for those who are financially desperate or are just looking for sustenance on the penny. One such food outlet serves each meal at around $2.00, making it $6.00/day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A typical Soylent recipe costs this much per day, which makes me think that homeless shelters can do better. It’s unlikely that the food that they buy in bulk contributes to the well being of those who can’t afford it. Rob and co. have their large scale “FEED ALL THE AFRICANS” plans that are going to be much appreciated by the planet if they go through. In the meantime, though, it seems like there’s already enough to bootstrap some local nutrition outreach that is much more immediate in time and space. It isn’t that “going local” is better, in case you were wondering what my views were - it’s just that it’s doable.

I’m going to start working on this on my end but I don’t know how. If anyone has any experience in the area of volunteering and non-profits, or otherwise has any input on the venture, please, let me know.

… I like this idea. As long as it can be well-received by the people you are giving it to (see: make it taste good), it would not only be a cheap alternative, it could be one that would allow people who are generally impoverished (and by definition, probably don’t get good, if even passable amounts of nutrition) to be healthier than they have ever been in their lives, barring any larger and more complex problems. This could be a good thing for those that are homeless, but still want to get out of their rut earnestly. How much more motivated could one be if they felt great physically?

I like it, I really do. Great idea @KennyBruse.

Indeed. I’m quite sure some of mental problems is related to nutrition (not all or even most, just some) so that would help homeless a lot.

Even if I’m total wrong, it’s good to help homeless have good nutrition in least.

I think it’s less of a mental problems from crappy nutrition deal as it is a sort of mental resources issue.

When you’re not as healthy, or not getting enough in the way of nutrition, it’s just harder to be cognizant of your context and deal constructively. Stress is easier to succumb to when you only have enough resources to try and figure out where your next meal is coming from

In my own experience with anxiety, it doesn’t make it suddenly go away, but just by giving your head more and better fuel to burn you do have more resources to handle the anxiety. Keep in mind this is a double edged sword, though. Depending on your own mindset, your brain could just as easily consume all those added resources by freaking out even more.

Check out this video of me giving local homeless people Soylent 1.4.
Soylent 1.4 for homeless poeple