Soylent for Military members


Quick question to the community,
As an active service member, I wanted to know if any of the ingredients in Soylent would be an issue for those who have to perform urinalysis on a regular basis. I don’t believe anything in it would cause me to “pop hot” but is there any concern? I would hate for my military career to be halted due to a risky ingredient or anything that might simulate a reaction in the body that a banned ingredient might cause.

If anyone is familiar with the list of banned ingredients for military personnel/athletic performers and has looked into this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you


Soylent v1.4 ingredients.

To date, according to the HPRC, the FDA has declared two dietary supplement ingredients as illegal: ephedra amd DMAA. (Neither of which are present in Soylent.)


Soylent is food and only food. There are no performance enhancers or drugs in it.


Besides what is present in normal food.


Slightly aside, but it seems to me that Soylent would be an ideal military field ration, in certain situations.


From July 2013, “While he won’t specify which branch, Rhinehart says the U.S. military is interested in providing Soylent to soldiers.”


This isn’t entirely true for what he’s asking, though. If you eat enough poppyseed muffins you can test positive for heroin, after all.


One of my good friends is in the military and exclusively eats/drinks Soylent.


Oh, I think I know him too! Captain Steve Rogers. :sunglasses:


If I knew Cap, I’d be the happiest bloke on the block.


Haha, like an episode of Seinfeld I saw recently. Elaine was fired after testing positive.


Yeah, they didn’t just make that up. They tried it on Mythbusters, and it is real, though you do have to eat HELLA muffins before it’ll happen.

Top of the muffin to you!


There was a pastry I enjoyed at a Viennese bakery which was basically a couple of pieces of shortbread around a thick filling made of a poppyseed paste. I bet that would have bent the meter fairly quickly without overindulging.

Couldn’t find an exact picture but this is close:



Thank you all for your answers. I figured there wasn’t much of an issue, but as Larry said, enough of any one thing can make you pop positive for something else. I’ve heard too much soy in a male’s diet will cause his body to produce more testosterone which makes it seem like he has been taking testosterone supplements.I believe it would require a diet consistently almost exclusively of soy but I just wanted to make sure.

Thank you


Also don’t forget that Soylent contains no actual soy. It contains only a small amount of soy lecithin, which is not the same thing.


I wasn’t aware that anyone had started a thread, but I am interested in the proposed partnership of RL with the DoD for testing of Soylent. There hasn’t been any mention of this since an article that was posted 2 years ago. @rob has there been any new talks of such a venture?

Are there any military personnel who have been consuming Soylent on a regular already? I have been consuming Soylent since June of last year, but stopped for a while due to training. I have been unable to get many others to try it though. Only 2 have been bold enough to do so with 1.0, but none since. I look forward to trying again as I am assigned to a new unit.

Answering the topic question, I have not “popped hot” for a urinalysis since being on Soylent, and am pretty sure that I won’t. While I am not a physician myself, I work with some and have had the opportunity to ask their opinion of the product.


First of all, USAF veteran here. I approve of your avatar image!

I have passed multiple urinalyses since starting Soylent. These were not military tests as I am now a civilian, but I imagine the tests are the same.