Soylent for old people


hello ppl.

First of all, I’m a n00b, I just found out about this. And I have absolutely no more medical or nutrition education then the average joe. But this looks interesting, so I’m pretty much sure I’ll give it a try as soon as I can compile a shopping list. But my question is: what about sick people?
So my mom is 67 years old, ofcourse with many health issues, mainly hypertension. She has a lot of foods she is not allowed to eat. I was wondering, maybe this will help her. If I should try a diy soylent for her, is there a guide for people with health issues? Is there someone here who has health issues and can give me some insights?



Depends on the specific issues, I think. If you search around for the ones you’re looking for, you might find some useful information.

Good luck with your mother.


It seems like a big issue is IF she will accept it? If so then I don’t think there is any danger in giving it try to see if she notices an improvement. Obviously consulting with a doctor helps, but often I find they don’t know much about nutrition and if they do it’s out of date. However they can do blood tests to make sure nothing is thrown out of whack. If you are unsure, it’s safer and easier to just wait for the official shipments if you can wait that long.


+1 to all the above posters.

IF you were to go about doing crafting the custom soylent for a relative, it would be vital to understand precisely what their dietary needs are and the medical concerns of their treating physician that lead to the “no-fly” food list being issued.

Is diabetes an issue? Work with low GI items, carb reduction, and sugar substitutes like xylitol or sucralose.

Hypertension is a bit trickier, though reducing salt intake is generally the first step. Ask about using Potassium Salt (K-Cl) as a substitute to normal salt in your soylent recipe. I found that the switch lowered my blood pressure, which had been causing some problems with my regular platelet donation.

In general, soylent is nifty in that it allows you to tailor your food specifically to your dietary needs and efficiently address any under/overages our body is currently experiencing.

Though speaking from experience, it’s far harder encouraging an older individual to engage in a significant lifestyle change than planning the change itself. It may be easier to make food for her instead of pushing soylent shakes her way. If you’re interested, I’ve worked out quite a few soylent based recipes that I find rather tasty. Soylent pizza is a definite win.