Soylent for survivalists


Just a thought - the survivalist community currently sells itself very overpriced vac sealed meals with 10 year expiration dates. If you’ve ever seen survivalist documentaries, some of these people have entire cellars filled with tins of food.

If I was in charge of Soylents marketing, I would do some research into how we could market this product to the survivalist community. Once they realize that its so cheap, so small and can be stored for years, it will be logical to replace their stocks with Soylent. Imagine how little space Soylent would take in your bugout bag or shelves compared to clunky cans. This is one of the many reasons it appeals to me so much, because for someone on a low income, being able to buy months or even years worth of food of such quality that stores so easily is a dream come true.

I’m not really connected with this community, but I imagine that if this product was marketed to them in the right way, they’d be all over it.


This is actually one thing that makes me even more interested in Soylent- It looks like it would be perfect for food storage/emergency preparedness.
(Please keep in mind I’m not trying to get religious with this post.)
The last several prophets in my church have admonished us to get a 1 year food supply stored. I think Soylent is a perfect way to do this affordably and effectively, while not worrying about trying to coordinate other dehydrated/stored foods for optimum nutrition.


Yep. Survivalism can be a pretty ugly sub culture with lots of right wing assholes who get high on their own fear and dream of collapse for their own ends. On the other hand there are a lot of people simply enjoying their hobby, getting exercise and training themselves in useful skills.

Its clear that a community like this could never come up with something like Soylent on its own. On the other hand - if you had been living in Greece over the past few years being a survivalist would have been a good idea. It’s hard to completely condemn that kind of lifestyle.

It all depends on how Soylent is marketed. If they see it as some liberal tech geek thing they might be a bit averse. But if you got a respected member of the survivalist community to do some sort of endorsement, it would really take off.

All it would take would be one well known figure showing the camera his pantry, with years and years of food in these little containers, taking up minimal space, and they’d be clamouring to buy it.

But it’s not an easy community to sell something that might be seen as frivolous or complicated to. There’s a lot of scamming. Since 08, American right wingers have been selling each other perpetual doomsday fantasies. The dollar will imminently collapse, hyperinflation will be here by 2010, no, sorry, 2011, or is it 2012? They sell each other gold coins which are basically worthless.

You don’t have to be a survivalist to see the merit in having say a years supply of food. I am on a low income and I don’t know what the future will bring. Homelessness, financial ruin, extended periods of joblessness - my soylent supply gives me a real sense of security. The fact that I can make months worth of food from a few boxes, and can avoid spending what little money I get all on food, is tremendously helpful.


Survivalists are a paranoid lot… good luck getting them to accept a meal made entirely of chemicals. They’re likely to claim you work for the CIA and you’re trying to poison them.


Yep. That’s why you need a large marketing budget.