Soylent for teenagers ? and other questions

Hello ! I am 15 years old and I wonder if Soylent would work for me. I am 1m65 and 51 kg (65 in - 112 pounds for you :wink:).
Anyway, i’m French, so when Soylent is available for me I’ll probably be an adult… :smile:

I have some other questions :

  • Are some schedules better than others to drink Soylent ? I mean, is it better to wait X hours between 2 meals ?
  • If someone makes sport, will Soylent be enough for them ? Should them drink it before/after workouts ?
  • Soylent is the best solution for alimentation, but what are the other conditions to have the healthiest body ? (ideal duration of sports / day or week, …)
  • And finally : why is Soylent the same drink for men and girls ? A man doesn’t need more calories ?

Thank you in advance, and sorry if my english is bad (I’m French ^^)


All good questions.
About the calories it is tru not everyone needs the same amount regardless of boy or girl. Age, activity & size all play a role in the amount of calories needed. Soylent is designed for the “average” adult. You can drink less if you need fewer calories without severely compromising the other nutrients.
When starting Soylent it is recommended to start with one meal and ramp up over a few days. Most people start with breakfast. Also remember many people only have Soylent for 1-2 meals per day then have other food with family and friends.
As for sports I will leave that for someone with more experience than me.
I hope you enjoy Soylent when you get to try it. Bon Appitit !


Soylent is a fine diet for an athletic man or woman, but you may want to supplement protein (much like you would on a “normal” diet) depending on your caloric intake and body type. For extreme bodybuilders or high-level athletes, you may need to make more drastic adjustments. You can find a lot more in-depth information by utilizing the search feature in the top-right.

Thank you, I think I will ask my doctor what the best amount is for me :wink:
I’m not very athtletic, I just do some pumps every day ^^ I don’t think I’ll have to supplement proteins (but my doctor will tell me).
A last question : have you heard about “Joylent” ? It is an “European version” of Soylent, but I don’t know if it is as healthy as the original version (I’ve read some bad reviews about it).

You can find the answers to most of your questions by reading the basic information on the site, particularly the FAQ. Reading comments here is also interesting.

To answer your question about men vs. women and their consumption of Soylent: the amount of Soylent one consumes daily depends on many factors. There is no requirement that one consumes a whole bag. In general, people who weigh less consume less, so women would follow their judgement and sometimes eat less depending on their diet goals.

It’s basically similar to deciding how many apples you eat a day. You can decide to eat zero, one, or more, depending on your goals.

The only difference is that for many people, Soylent is all they need, if they choose to eat only Soylent – which most people decide not to do. Soylent is just another food, and you decide what to do with it depending on your goals.


The most probable scenario is that your doctor will advise you to not take soylent. They are not immune to the normal defense reflexes regarding food. And they have a lot more to lose, so in general they are much more cautious about some experimental diet.

Ive tried most versions of joylent so far. The first version tasted absolutely-over-the-top awesome (and I couldnt get enough of it, even after weeks). But it was hard to digest, leading to diarrhea etc. (for me that is, im the hypersensitive-allergic-ibs type of guy). I ate it anyway :smile:

Then they started to improve the formula. Now it tastes ok (subjective), but I can digest it without problems. In europe they are probably the producer I’d recommend. But unlike others I’ve only tried 4 europe soylents so far.

Yes, completely. When I showed my doctor the nutrition facts, his response was that there are a lot of calories. I wasn’t able to explain that it is a meal, it’s better than what I’d be having anyways, etc.

While I was preparing for a briefing after my colonoscopy I was thinking about a way to avoid triggering these reflexes. I hate the fact that it is almost impossible to get an unskewed opinion from the professionals. Turned out that I wouldnt need to say anything, but just in case:

My plan was to introduce it to them as an hypoallergenic pulp.

Pulp = Food (at least where I live) = (hopefully) not triggering the cultural watchdog.

NOTE: Most doctors (at least general practioners) don’t know much about nutrition. And the nutritionists - in my experience - rehash all the usual stuff (fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables, 5 times a day!)

I was able to get him to eventually say something along the lines of “only 1 or 2 meals a day, we’ll see how it goes from there”, but I was only planning to replace lunch and an after-workout snack anyways :smile:

The logistics don’t really work for me in the summer, but I’ll probably start again in the fall.