Soylent for the athletic male


So I just bought a months supply, and I am beyond excited to see the results when it comes in in August. My one major concern that I have is… will this be perfect for me out the box, who is very athletic and plays sports almost every day, or will I need to supplement my intake with something else so that my muscles don’t begin to atrophy.


Depending on your weight you will need to supplement with either a little or a lot of protein shakes. Rob is pretty fit but he’s not a huge guy so if you’re 200+lbs like I am then I suggest you add shakes or else you might find yourself not consuming enough calories to maintain, let alone enough protein to grow.


You can always do what someone else suggested: 2 meals of soylent to make sure you get all you need and then a regular fork and knife meal where you can chose what to eat.


@ruipacheco yea that was my plan. I think it would be hard for me to cut out food cold turkey.

thanks jurgeth, good to know.




We will know when they release the final ingredient list and can tell how much protein one days serving will have. If he’s still using the macronutrient breakdown of the original beta recipe, then it should have about 20% of the calories from protein, or ~110g/day.

I’ve heard rules of thumb ranging from 1-2g of protein per kilo of lean mass. So unless you really want to shoot for that 2g/day and have more than 55kg of lean mass, it’ll probably be ok. Also, if you’re burning more than 2200 and just drink more to compensate, you’ll be even better off. It’s all guesswork for now, though.


Just in time for Thanksgiving. Best time of the year for cold turkey. :smiley: