Soylent For The Paycheck-To-Paycheck Crowd


I’ve been following Soylent very nearly since it’s genesis it seems. It’s an amazing idea, and I want to participate so badly. Once Soylent starts shipping, I’ll be switching to it for most of my meals.

My problem is that I currently live paycheck to paycheck, and can’t afford to shell out $255 and NOT receive my Soylent for X amount of time. That is money I need to buy food. I understand the process, and that things occur, and so on and so forth. I understand that it’s a first-come first-served basis as well, and this is by no means a complaint. I’d just like to point out that I can’t be the only one in my situation, and bring attention to it from the Soylent team. I have no real platform upon which to stand, as I am not yet a paying customer, and in fact I have no real complaint to make. I’m just pointing out how bad it sucks to be waiting and waiting, knowing that by the time Soylent DOES ship, I’ll still be placed on the back burner because of the way my finances work.

Switching to Soylent, especially as it’s $255 for a full month, would allow me an amazing leg up, money wise. I simply can not afford to take that first step and the time when I may be able to seems to ever be “tomorrow”.


One week’s worth is currently $65 dollars and if you were to order right this moment it wouldn’t even arrive until “Early 2014”. So, I’d suggest that you start socking away money to get your first week’s worth purchased (setting aside just $0.25/meal, 3 meals/day, 7 days/week, you’d be putting $5.25 a week aside and could place your order in mid January).

Obviously you’ll probably need to transition into Soylent instead of jumping in 100%, so plan on doing Solyent only every other meal or every third meal. Then for each Soylent ‘meal’ you consume pay yourself more than $3.10 toward your next order. Assuming you are currently spending $5 a meal and that you put that full $5 toward Soylent, your first week’s worth would ‘earn’ you $105 toward your second week’s purchase. You’d order the second week’s worth, leaving you $40 for the third week’s worth. By the time you’d consumed your second week’s worth you’d be able to outright buy two week’s worth.

And as frustrating as all that waiting will be, just remember that Soylent didn’t even exist this time last year, but if you’re able to follow this approach you could be 100% on Soylent this time next year. Hope this helps ease the wait!

edited: meant “two week’s” not “month”


@biab has a good idea…I’m in a similar situation, but my solution was to do DIY. Thankfully my partner was into DIY soylent long before me, so I had the opportunity to taste different varieties and determine what I felt was best. I also had the opportunity to mooch some micronutrients – some things, like sulfur, come in ridiculously large quantities considering the very small daily dose a person needs.

Lots of the micros are kind of large upfront investments. Another solution may be to find a really solid multivitamin and replace 1 or 2 meals per day with a DIY macronutrient soylent drink, and eat Chewable Food to make up for some of those micros. Most complete (or nearly complete) DIY recipes I’ve seen run around $5 per day, so even factoring in the cost of vitamins and one or two micros, you’re looking at like… $1.30/meal (assuming you do three “meals” a day). If your budget can support it, do what @biab suggested about paying yourself as you consume your batches.