Soylent for Tonsillectomy

I just got a tonsillectomy and have stocked up on Soylent in order to prevent myself from getting sick from the Oxycoton or losing muscle mass… Froze it into an ice tray and it’s really good frozen, like almond milk-y sorbet. Any suggestions for what to mix it with to make it taste okay, go down easy, and provide more nutrition? I’m thinking about frozen soylent smoothies or maybe mixing flavored protein powder… does anyone have ideas or has anyone used this for tonsillectomy recovery?

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2.0 is pretty smooth as is. Taste is very individual so i have no idea what tastes good to you.

Soylent provides a healthy amount of nutrients, but your body probably can use extra as you recover, though i have no idea which ones.

I had orthognathic surgery almost two weeks ago, my lower jaw split, moved, and screwed back together. My lips were swollen like balloons, my jaw banded mostly closed, I was taking pain meds (but mostly high-dose Advil and Tylenol–I only took the opioid twice when the pain threatened to break through).

My surgeon told me everyone loses at least 15 pounds. I was careful to keep drinking 2.0, with water and whey powder added so I had extra protein. (The vanilla flavor I tried first was too sweet; I went with an unflavored one after that and it was much more pleasant.)

Despite a numb yet achy jaw, a swollen face, and no appetite for days, somehow I didn’t lose a pound. I wouldn’t have minded to!

You might like flavored whey powder more than I did. (I have a whole bag of chocolate I didn’t even open, on top of most of the bag of vanilla. Oh well.) Freezing it will probably be more soothing to your throat. I was 4 when I had my tonsils out, so I don’t remember it much; when I was eight I had my adenoids out for the second time, and I remember a lot of popsicles and ice cream in the hospital!

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I started Soylent v1.4 a month before I had all my teeth replaced by implants. Soylent was a lifesaver during the swollen beyond talking phase (5 days) and the long wait for my jawbone to fully heal and grip the implants (5 months). I have never looked back and have been 80-90% v1.x since.