Soylent for weight loss


If say Soylent comes as 2000 Kcal per day but I want to only take in 1600 Kcal to lose weight won’t I be depriving myself of nutrients?


You could eat four portions instead of five. This means though, that you will get a little less of each micronutrient. It will certainly be possible as soon as the customizing will be available.


Just eat regular soylent and the low glycemic index of oat powder will = weight loss (maybe, if it’s low enough). Or switch to a ketogenic diet by replacing carbs with fat (more once you reach maintenance weight) and adequate protein. Heart/blood health markers all improve eating all that fat after adaptation (yup, they get better not worse), hunger goes away, and you lose weight. Aaaand that’s thread.

I did low calorie soylent for a month, then made it ketogenic, and am now currently simply following a ketogenic diet (no soylent), but I did just donate to the soylent campaign. :wink: If they make a very very low glycemic index and/or low/no carb version I’ll be giving that a go.

Oh and I lost about 20 pounds, am now about 10-11% body fat, started at about 15-16%. Bitchin’. From the low carb diet, not soylent. Although I lost some on low calorie soylent too but I was way way way hungrier and was actually eating way too few calories and suffering from it on occasion.


It’s doubtful that you’d be depriving yourself of anything. What matters in nutrients is balance, not absolute quantity. That’s why on the nutrition facts they always specify that the %DV is assuming a certain caloric intake.


Thanks for all the replies!