Soylent for women


With the shipment date slowly approaching I am curious about the specifications of the soylent I will be receiving. Will everyone get the same soylent? Will women and men get different soylent? Is there going to be soylent specifically for weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintaining?


If I’m not mistaken, the woman’s formula is pretty much like the men’s, except it has less calories, 1800 instead of 2200/2400. In the future there may be tailored formulas, though.


They had planned to make a women’s version, but after feed back from their beta testers for it, it was discovered that nutritionally, there wasn’t that much different between men and women. In one of their blog posts they said it might be better to think of them as Soylent 1800 and Soylent 2200, as the calories seem to be the only major difference.

Soylent 1800 and Soylent 2200 are the only ones being produced right now, through their Co Packer, RFI. They got some 1.5mill in funding to begin building their own factory to make Soylent. They expect to add more Soylent variants mid to late 2014.


New to Soylent. Ordered 7 packets for myself and my husband. We will mix the Soylent with food, prob 2 food meals/one soylent per day. We are a little overwhelmed with the DYI (since we want this to help save time for certain meals). We are in our 50’s and I need 1000 calcium plus add’l magnesium and Vit D. My husband wants to lose weight (he may go exclusively on Soylent for a while to lose).

The package gives percentage of the above minerals - so how do I adjust it for a women’s needs? I imagine we just count calories for the weight loss needs based on my husbands profile?

And if we aren’t living on S, can we just be loose about following calories, needs, etc.? Seems like it would make a great single meal replacement no matter what….


I can’t speak to the specific needs of male vs. female but I can say that we both just drink as much as we feel the need for, at any given time. We’re very loose about it. Just be careful not to drink a bunch too quickly. It’s so tasty and refreshing that it’s easy to gulp down an entire glass full in no time, forgetting that it’s actually food and not just a tasty drink. So go slowly just as you would a comparably sized (calorically speaking) meal, and you should be fine.

My gal forgot the above and drank her breakfast this morning much too quickly, felt a bit bloated for an hour or so after.


I remember reading this, too, but I’m pretty sure they’re just doing ONE option, the 2010-calorie pouch. Do you have a link to recent information suggesting different-sized pouches being shipped?


The OP of this thread posted it last December, so that was before they had gone to a single formula.


Oh, geez. I didn’t even look at the metadata. Worst. Librarian. Ever.



Yea, my post of the two blends was before the blog update that they decided to go with one blend instead.

@notapipe, Though the many beta testers it was found that the vitamin blend for both male and female are so close that their differences are considered arbitrary, hence the change from two versions to one version (I do not think that age difference was factored into needs). You can consume half a bag of Soylent and still meet the minimum daily requirements. This means either of you can consume between 1000 and 2000 kcal/Cal without worrying to much about nutrient deficiencies.
If your doctor/physician says you need a higher amount of calcium, vitamin D and magnesium than the DRI, you can take supplements for them, or find suppliers of powders of the minerals and measure it out and add it to your personal Soylent.
Since you are just planning to use Soylent for one meal a day, use your bodies natural mechanisms, eat when your hungry, stop eating when your full, and if Soylent makes you feel ill, don’t eat/drink it.