Soylent-friendly doctors


I haven’t discussed Soylent with my doctor because I’m not confident she would give me a fair hearing. I wish there was a registry of doctors who understood what Soylent was all about. I would be particularly interested in doctors in the Los Angeles area who work with Kaiser.


Agreed. I am in the process of having an email conversation with our company health and wellness coordinator, about soylent. She has a masters in Nutrition so I am genuinely interested in her opinion… About all I am getting from her is “Soylent isnt as good for you as real food” and im like, “how is soylent not real food? And why is it not as good?” As of yet she hasnt replied to my last question. People annoy me.


I went to the doctor for the first time in years recently for a general checkup and blood panel. I’ve been generally improving my health and mentioned my soylent use when he asked what I was doing differently. While we didn’t get to deep into it his response was that whatever I have been doing is working well and to keep doing it, he wasn’t at all vexed by the idea of soylent.