Soylent Gear suggestion

Guys. I just realized I need a Soylent-brand track jacket. Get on it.


Black with a white logo.

I’d love a fleece with that. Or hat.

White with black logo would be cooler in the summer.

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Compromise: grey on grey

…wait, nevermind.


Wait, we can work with this!

All you need is contrasting greys and have a stitched logo. That would actually look pretty sleek…

Took me 5 minutes. For a track jacket you would have to order a minimum of 6 at 50 bucks a pop!

My @customink t-shirt:

EDIT: Added Disclaimer, please see post 13 of this thread

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Damn that was fast…

Dont know how to make it stitched or embroidered though, it says it would be screen printed at its current design. But it does look nice though.

They have hoodies you can order in singles. No nice colors though. Grey is ugle sweatpants gray. Black is nice but doesnt have the same pop that the white on grey track jacket has.

How about this one?

My @customink t-shirt:

EDIT: Added Disclaimer, please see post 13 of this thread.


I’d buy these, and fitted women’s shirts too.

All i did was Upload the pic in the top left of this page, set it to one color all white and put it. Then added the tag line “Free Your Body” with a flat bottom and a curve on top. Easiest thing i have every designed. Kudos definately go out to custom ink for such easy to use software.

EDIT: Added Disclaimer, please see post 13 of this thread.

Just a word of caution to 'CYA" (Cover your ass), make sure you have their expressed permission to use their logo on said products. While I don’t think they would mind, my paranoia says to CYA.

Here is said disclaimer: I make no claims expressed or implied to products or images linked in this thread. I do not inted to sell any products, including but not limited to those referenced in this thread that have the “Soylent Logo”. The Soylent Corporation , Rosa Labs, and Rob Reinhart reserve the right to their copyrights, trademarks , images and products. I did nothing that someone could not do themselves. Even if someone were to order said products through posted links i get nothing. Zero Zilch! These are pure examples using only the logo apearing at the top of this page and the user friendly software on All copyrights and trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners. If you want to order any products referenced please create it your self using the same process. And please continue to support Soylent by purchasing it from the official Soylent company.


Honestly, those look good enough that I’d encourage shooting Julio a PM with the links and/or your modified images, @vwbugg.

It seems like the company is gravitating a little more toward the rectangle logo for a standard, but I always preferred the hexagon anyway :slight_smile:

done, julio and rob both.

I liked the hexagon logo more too.

While we’re definitely sticking with our current branding, I think we might be able to do a teespring campaign (at cost) for some Soylent shirts with the hexagon logo if there was enough interest on the Discourse:

If the rest of the team approves, we can start a small Teespring campaign sometime after shipping.

Also because the above begs the question: I just sent the list of campaign t-shirt orders to the printer, hopefully they’ll be printed & shipped in the next 10 days – haven’t gotten an exact lead time from them yet but will update when I have details.


I would buy one. They look great!

I’d be down for one. What do you think they’d cost?

Depending on cost, count me in!