Soylent gives me diarrhea, refund

Does anyone have contact info for the company?
Looked around on the website but don’t see an email address.

It’s right in the footer of the home page.

Thanks. Hidden in the disclosure +.

Hidden? It’s in the usual place where I find contact info on nearly every corporate website in existence… anyway hope it helps.


Hidden on mobile.

Ah ok I see what you mean now. On my phone It’s in a collapsed dynamic-expanding row so unless you hit the little plus sign, you don’t see it. Yeah that’s not the world’s greatest usability, I’ll agree on that point.


Do you have a Soy allergy?

Interesting to hear someone else (recently) having this problem. My wife has claimed the same thing, but she rarely ever drinks it and I’m wondering if it’s just because it’s “different” and not necessarily bad (as in, theoretically, if she drank more would it stop?).

We only consume cacao flavor - both powder and RTD.

Anyone else run into this?

I was on the pre-mixed wagon for breakfasts for several months and intermittently the cacao would give me tummy troubles. The only premixed flavor I really liked was the coffee one and the chai, but not enough to commit to them full time. I gave up & went back to solid food 3-4 meals a day and my gut issues cleared up right away.

Then two weeks ago I got a tub of 1.9 powder and have been having a 400cal portion 2-3 times a day and having dinner at home. Zero gut problems with the powder.

Everyone’s microbiome is gonna be different, so obviously YMWV, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless that the powder’s actually kinder to me than the premix!

Never had any experience with diarrhea but for reasons we’ve never been able to figure out, the Strawberry gives my other half very painful gas - but only if she drinks it in the evening or later. During the day it’s fine. We’ve never been able to figure out why this happens at all, and aside from that she drinks the Cacao, Chai, and Coffee flavors without any incident at all.

I’ve never had any issues with any of the flavors I drink regularly which are Original, Chai, and Vanilla.

Go figure!

The same happens to me if I stop using it for a while and get back into it. It lasts a couple days until I get used to it again. I’m thinking for me it might be the fiber.