Soylent gone sour or just my imagination

So I have a ton of 2.0 in the Frig, I had gone off it for a few months but recently decided to go back on.

Most of the bottles show an expiration date of Aug 11, 2017; so I expect it to be good, but I swear the last 3 bottles I used seemed extremely sour.

Anyone aware of specific batches going bad, going bad in the refrigerator or could it be my overworked mind playing tricks on me.


I had several cases of 2.0 spoil about 6 months before the ‘best by’ date. In my case they not only tasted off, but the liquid at the cap became hard and flakey. At first I thought it was just unmixed powder hitting my tongue as it would dissolve, eventually the flakes became hard and no longer dissolved, which is when I started noticing the thin hard layer in the cap. When I’d peel it away it seemed to have a plastic consistency.

I had 2 bottles bulge at the bottom, so I opened one and could smell it went sour, I just threw the other bottle away, the rest seemed fine