Soylent: Great Concept, But Not For Me


I received my month’s worth of Soylent about a week and a half ago, and just made my last bag out of a weeks box. I think at this point, I don’t think I can continue to eat Soylent. I’ve been unable to “ease into it” as the suggestions provide. I won’t type out a day by day synopsis, but there are few key things I wanted to share and I’d like to hear any feedback from any other users about it:

1.) My body isn’t getting used to Soylent. I work in a collaborative environment, and live with my wife at home. If at any point, I drink more than 6 ounces of Soylent, I get the noxious gas described by other customers on the blog. IT IS ROOM CLEARING, and embarrassing. Also, even if I drink only a small amount every couple of hours, by the end of the day my stomach starts to get a rumbling feeling by 5 o’clock. Because I can’t drink more than 6-8 ounces at a time…

2.) Soylent isn’t satisfying for me. I went from a low carb, high fat, high protein diet on the weekdays and a basically eat whatever I want diet on the weekends. This diet is inconvenient (lot’s of grocery shopping) and expensive (I eat out a lot on the weekends) but works in maintaining my weight and keeping me satiated. With soylent, because I can’t adjust to it, I can only drink a small amount over a period of time and get ravenously hungry frequently throughout the day. I’m craving lots more sugar and sweets since moving to a soylent diet. Which I believe is causing:

3.) Weight Gain. Since starting, I’ve added about 5 pounds to my body, which I’ve always kept a close eye on. I weigh myself each morning right before showering. I think the weight gain is due to the fact I’m constantly craving sweet foods and while I can’t quantify it I’m probably dabbling in sweets more. While I trust the nutrition experts at Soylent probably have a formula that works for the majority of people, I think that my body is just more sensitive to carbs than the average person and fats and protein are more satisfying. I know that a week is a short period of time, but it’s been a while since I’ve put on this much weight. I think everyone is a bit different and I just have to resign to the fact that I can’t have a 50% carb diet on a daily basis, even if they are slow burning.

Anyways, I’ve got three weeks left here. @ana @MattCauble @JulioMiles I think I should be able to get a refund as I’m within the policy. Let me know how I can get this back to you. I also have an unopened starter kit as well. I’d love to stay in the loop with Soylent updates via email, when you get the gas issue figured out, and if you ever plan to introduce a high fat/high protein, low carb soylent.

Thanks and I’m looking forward to trying Soylent 2.0/3.0. I know that there are some low carb DIY recipies. Does anyone have any feedback on those?

Glad I could be a Soylent Pioneer, but feeling a bit let down.


For you it sounds like a high-fat, low-carb soylent would be the best.


You can gain and lose 5lbs with easy, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in a gain of so little and are you that concerned about weight that you get on the scale every single day, sounds obsessive.


Thank you for sharing your story. If you do get a refund, please offer to give away the rest to someone in the community who is still waiting.


Yea - might be a bit obsessive… but with such a big change in my diet I wanted to know if there were changes right away, as weight gain creeps up on me. I haven’t been above 240 lbs in over a year and a half, and since being on Soylent, I went over 240, pretty rapidly. Perhaps Soylent isn’t to blame specifically (It could be attributed to eating more sugar) but on my normal diet I never had significant issues with shitty food cravings.