"Soylent Green Anyone?"


Does anyone else find it incredibly annoying that on EVERY SINGLE facebook update someone thinks they are the first to think of this “Joke”? rofl

Obviously they brought it upon themselves when naming the product and it HAD its benefits, but I facepalm everytime lol


And then there are the people who think they’re the first to notice that other people think they’re the first to notice the joke…

(I kid, I kid… :slight_smile: But yeah, it crops up a lot on pretty much every comment thread for any article - often with “ewww, did they seriously name it that? They should look up this movie called ‘Soylent Green’!”)


just tell them it’s Soylent beige. green won’t be on the market till 2069


The name is my number one complaint about Soylent.

Jesus god, I hate the name so much.


I’ve been calling my DIY stuff Healing Potion, because I keep it in elaborate single-serving glass jars and drink it whenever my health gets a little low. (And also because I’m a giant geek and like to pretend life is a really elaborate RPG.)


Do you level up and have achievement points pop up over your head? :smile:


You should try going Outside.


I just tell them they should try to read a book once in a while. In “Make Room, Make Room”, the book the movie was based on, Soylent was made from soy and lentils, hence the name. :wink:


When I want to search for Soylent on twitter I always use the search "Soylent -green’.

But at least they didn’t call it ‘Queal’

I always thought ‘Imbibe’ would have been a better name.