Soylent Green Apple

Any chance we might, one day, have a “Soylent Green Apple” taste treat as a flavor?

Or would that just be too tasteful for the people?

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Too tasteful! :slight_smile: My daughter tried Strawberry and hit it on the head IMHO: “It takes like sugary wheat cereal.” Not a bad flavor, but not an appealing meal to me.

I still hold to my desire for a “Soylent Barley Soup with Boullion” or “Soylent Oatmeal.”


Ha! There’s nothing more delicious in the morning than tastelessness!

I don’t know why the Strawberry hits me so right. My wife likes it enough, but not enough like me. I’ve even gone as far to forbid her from taking my Strawberry Soylent, but that just seems to encourage her to keep drinking it. SMILE!

I just hope Strawberry sticks around awhile and doesn’t quickly go the way of Nectar.

I really do like your savory Soylent ideas! That could be a thing…

one can dream! :smiley:

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So, you’re telling me there’s a chance! (smile!)

They sent out some tester products once that included a savory flavoring. Looked like beef bullion to me from the pictures.


That’s really interesting. What did people think of the taste? How long ago was that test?

Sorry, I don’t remember much about it. I didn’t get the chance to try it myself, but I found a forum on here somewhere with people talking about it and posting pictures. They sent out a test for their strawberry flavor in the same mystery box I think.

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That’s fun! I like the idea of community testing and feedback. I’m sure the savory answer is lurking in a search here – though I couldn’t find anything in a quick discourse query.

That was around roughly April 2017, I think, and I tried it. I have always wanted a savory Soylent, but this was terrible. It was purportedly a powdered “beef” flavoring to mix into Soylent – basically a bouillon powder. It tasted more like salt and onion than beef. Not a pleasant combo with Soylent at all. Plus IIRC it was super high in sodium. I think it was meant more of a novelty/joke than a serious experiment in flavoring.


Fantastic story! Thanks for the direct background. It does sound like an odd combination of tastes and implications. Great idea, curious execution!

How bout before another flavor we bring soylent back to canada? just a thought.

Peanut butter👏Peanut butter👏Peanut butter👏


That’s not how it works.


how does it work then?

lower the fat to calorie ratio by what was it like 3 add some more choline or whatever the F they were crying about and have a neighbor country bangin out orders. sounds like 5 seconds on the controls for mixture if u ask me

Working on things unrelated to regaining entry to Canadia ≠ not working on regaining entry to Canadia.

I think green apple is a more polarizing flavor than nectar. I personally can’t stand green apple flavored stuff.

“Soylent Green Apple” was a take on “Soylent Green.”


I would eat savory Soylent products.

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