'Soylent Green' cookies with Joylent/ Soylent!


Hey Everyone!

I am a student at the University of Twente and together with a friend of mine we started a blog with recipes and fun articles about Soylent and Joylent. I am curious what you think about our blog and how we can improve it. Hope you like it!

One of our first recipes is about making ‘Soylent Green’ cookies!


Actually Rob got the name from the soy and lentil crackers in the book Make room! Make room! by
Harry Harrison. The 1973 movie based on the book. Allot of blogers have made the same mistake.


Nevertheless the allusion to the movie is cheekily acknowledged and appreciated.


Oh wow, I didn’t know. I saw a documentary where they said it dit came from the movie. But nevertheless, did you like the cookies and the style of the blog? :smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile: We want to post more fun recipes every week.


They look delicious and the fact they look like the “cookies” from the movie makes them all the more appealing.

Where in Europe are you guys?


We are from Enschede! We study Creative Technology at the University of Twente! Thank you for your kindness!


Our Website has a DDoS attack, we are offline. I am very sorry for this… :frowning:


That sucks. I’m suprised the company hosting your site doesn’t prote against that sort of thing.