'Soylent Green' Halloween cookies made with Soylent - The Soylent Chef

Hey guys,

I already posted it in another category put this one fits better I guess. I ate Joylent (the european equivalent of Soylent) for 5 days and started cooking with it. Together with a friend of mine from the university, we made a cooking blog soylentchef where we will post more fun recipes and articles in the future.
Our first recipe was on how to make cookies that look like the food from the movie Soylent Green. And these cookies are delicious! You can find the recipe on the blog. We even made a video about it on Youtube, which you can find on the blog.
I hope you like it! I already saw some really nice recipes on this forum.

If you have your own cool recipe, please upload it on the website and we will try it out and make a video about it if that’s possible.

your Soylent Chef!


Just in time for Halloween :smile:

Hahaha, absolutely right! :smile:

You guys are adorable :slight_smile:

Uber Cookies - US reply to EU cookies!

That’s not an attractive picture of the Uber cookies. Please try to get a better one, or people will be put off from the idea!


Give me a bit to fetch to Uber, ask them to cook, make photo and repost!

I agree, I get caught up in the science of it that I tend to rush ahead of aesthetics. I am working on a mass-scale batch this weekend, and I should be able to stage some nice pictures with a couple dozen cookies.

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Until that, have a look at Uber Bread (I expect samples by the end of this week and post a review):

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, peeeeople.

Well, that’s my breakfast and review…



That’s a better picture.

@asympt - would you like to try?
(we have some samples yet, but eat them very quickly :blush: )

Well, I wouldn’t mind trying!

(I’m still waiting for my @vanclute Kickstarter brownie…)

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This is great! I’m currently trying to make Soylent gingerbread people for Halloween. I’d just follow this with ginger powder added, but I’m trying to keep it vegan for my friend who I recently convinced to subscribe. What are your best egg substitute suggestions?

I’ve already tried flaxmeal/water in a comparison with normal ingredients. Below was from some averaged chocolate chip cookie recipies. From left to right: flour and egg, flour and flax, soylent and egg, soylent and flax. all tasted great sans the last obviously.


I think it is slightly poetic that Soylent be made into people.


Deal, as soon as @UberChow send me a new set of samples (first one finished :frowning: ) - I will send you a set. And may be will add there some of mine, since I early days I also experimented with cookies and porridges:


Very kind of you!

I wish someone could come up with a way to make Soylent cookies somewhat crunchy. I don’t need them to be hard & crunchy like Famous Amos or anything… but at least slightly crumbly would be a big improvement. The cookies I made before (and the ones that @leecauble1 was kind enough to send us to try) were delicious, but there’s something satisfying about a cookie that crumbles instead of just being chewy.

A while back I mentioned a biscotti recipe I was going to try. I’m waiting to get 1.1 to test since the added enzymes may make a difference on the final texture. Should have some in a few weeks.

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