Soylent green is people!


Jesus H Christ how COULD YOU name your product SOYLENT out of all things?! It is not ironic or funny at the least, it is terrible!


Most people do come pre-equipped with a sense of humour.


Truly Koza, you are the first person to notice a connection between this product and a movie. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Did you find us through the FOX Facebook post? Because that would make my day.


It was just completely random chance I heard. As the product doesn’t contain either soy or lentils, it just made sense the creator would call it Soylent. He only found out about the movie afterwards, and after watching Soylent Green in terror (and vomiting for 3 hours in disgust after) he tried to change the name but couldn’t as all the Soylent stationary had already been printed.

That, or he is aware that movies aren’t real and people would realise its a joke.


Really! The name of this product has got to be the worst marketing error ever made. Even though it is just a movie, no one could EVER take this product seriously. I ROFL when I heard about it!


I dont think so. Everybody in my house thought the name was a joke.This has got to be the worst marketing error in the history of mankind (no pun intended)!


In all probability it massively increased the amount of publicity that soylent has received. So probably a great marketing success.


Yeah, you got name recognition alright, but you won’t get the sales from it…therefore it’s a marketing nightmare!


Is it though? Meal replacement shakes aren’t a new thing, can you name ANY other ones? (No googling you cheater!)

I would wager half the press he got back in march/april was because it WAS named soylent.

Personally when I think “…is people” its more of a memetic response then an actual thought of this product containing people.


If you think naming it Soylent is that bad, then you’ve got a great opportunity. Take Rob’s idea, make your own, name it anything else, and if you’re right, you’ll easily drive the original Soylent out of business and make a fortune.


And yet, the kickstarter was trying to make 100k and ended up with almost 800k.


It is as close to marketing perfection as you could get imo.


Granted, I first heard about this product because someone called me about the Fox report. They couldn’t believe the name either! And yes, I have tried many meal replacement products, but the name on this one just creeps me out. And they can call it a meal replacement & Soylent all they want. Because of the lack of enzymes, it is just a supplement. Good luck, guys!


Can you please explain that?


Look around these forums. Look at the incredibly intelligent, community driven, mutually supportive discussions taking place. I have NEVER seen any internet community be so consistently civil to each other. And so helpful whenever anyone has a question, even if it’s been asked a dozen times before. Hell, even look at the community response to your own cries of “this is terrible”. No one is swearing at you. No one is calling you names. Most of the discussion is reasonable arguments. I think that is incredible.

I’m beginning to hate Fox even more than I already had. (I’m still bitter about Firefly.) After their report, the number of people on this forum who come in just to tear us down has jumped significantly. With all the discussion about how to improve and develop this product on both a personal and industrial scale, do you really think you’re adding to the discussion by running around saying how dumb the name is? There are already threads about the name. Go check them out. But this isn’t useful. You don’t like the name? Fine. Don’t buy the product. Nobody is forcing it on you, and it’s not going to affect you life. We happen to like it, and that fact in itself proves the name isn’t a roadblock. But right now you’re doing nothing to help anyone.


Says who? Do you have a background in marketing?


Can you suggest some enzymes we should put in, to make Soylent complete? If you know of any way to improve the formula, please give it! (“Enzymes” is such a non-specific word - I presume you don’t want us to add the same enzymes that you get in washing powder!)

Out of interest, is there any evidence I could provide that would convince you that Soylent was a complete nutritional meal replacement even without enzymes? By which I mean, suppose I came to you with a hundred beautifully-designed long-running double-blinded studies comparing Soylent sans-enzyme with Soylent+enzymes, and it turned out that adding enzymes made no difference at all to health over three generations of people. Would that make you change your mind about the importance of enzymes? Certainly if the results came back and said that certain enzymes were in fact important, I’d be happy to accept that they are.


For my part, the name Soylent was a hook. I thought it was great fun to name a staple meal after the Soylent movie, and when I read about the results of the personal experiment Rob ran, I was in.

I may have just passed it by if it hadn’t been named Soylent.


been lurking and had to register just to reply to this most head-desky of threads. i think Soylent is a fantastic name for it! just quirky enough to get a mildly amused smirk, but just obscure enough to not be trendy in a popculture way.
also, as a point of contention, “Soylent” is FOOD, “Soylent Green” is PEOPLE. i personally intend to get miles of amusement by adding green food coloring to mine.