Soylent Grilled Cheese Sliders

This evening I had a hankerin’ for grilled cheese, but since I’m eating keto I don’t happen to have any bread (you know, that sliced stuff that is the common comparison for greatness) hanging around the house. Luckily though I’ve recently started baking some of my DIY soylent into loaves, makes the away from home soylent quite convenient, and as it turns out it also makes an awesome grilled cheese. Three slightly different and tasty sandwiches emerged from the fray, and of course, I also had a frosted glass of soylent on the side. I’m stuffed. :blush:

The soylent Grilled Cheese Sliders include one each of sharp cheddar, extra sharp white cheddar, and extra sharp white cheddar with pepperoni and crushed pepper. I think I ought to throw something other than cheddar in next time as well. :wink:


First, your sandwiches look yummy.

But you’re contemplating making grilled cheese sandwiches with non-Cheddar cheese? You heathen!

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Looks pretty tasty!!

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I should have been more clear. I’d definitely be keeping the cheddar, and lots of it, but complimenting it with additional cheesy goodness. A five cheese grill cheese or the like. :stuck_out_tongue:

How are you maintaining keto with carb-heavy Soylent?

I don’t eat carb heavy Soylent, I DIY.