Soylent Hardware


Made the plunge and ordered a months worth of Soylent and now it’s onto hardware.

I live with the family and would rather not burden them by tying up Tupperware / blenders with my little experiment so I am wondering what am I going to need to acquire? Is a blender necessary for optimum use? If I’m going to be making up daily batches what volume of Tupperware container am I looking at having to acquire?


@kadintc Each meals worth of Soylent is 25oz once mixed with water, so if you’re going to be making a days worth at a time then you’ll need a three quart pitcher (or gallon if you can’t find one) and then of course something to mix it with such as a whisk (no blender necessary). You’ll also need a sports bottle or such for taking it on the go. The pitcher for the daily Soylent should be the only thing you need to purchase, unless you happen to have a spare one laying around that’s not being used.


Your first Soylent purchase comes with a pitcher for mixing up 1 day’s worth of Soylent, from what I’ve seen.


That may have been a promotion for initial backers, I am not sure they continued that for every 1 month purchase. I could be wrong.

@kadintc, it really depends on how much water you are going to use and how many meals you are going to mix at once. Some people use more water, some use less. I would think you would be fine with a nalgene type bottle. The official Soylent should not need a blender, apparently, shaking is sufficient. The official Soylent also comes in day bag portions with a scoop so you should not need separate containers.

I use a DIY recipe and make a full days worth which is about 2 quarts (64oz). I have a 2 quart pitcher and pour from there.


And that’s where I’m not sure.
@JulioMiles Who receives a Takeya pitcher? Everyone who has pre-ordered up to this point, or just the initial crowdfunding backers?


Probably the later if I had to guess.


My order says the following and I ordered really late: “$65 - Includes 1 week of Soylent and a Soylent airtight pitcher.”

So I really hope I get the pitcher. Can’t wait for my Soylent to ship! Even if I don’t get my pitcher I think I am too excited about the product to really fret over it.


@edifice98 I didn’t even notice that until you mentioned it, but mine says the same thing for the months supply I ordered.


I find a small thermos hydration bottle to be useful while on the go.


Every new customer gets a starter kit, which includes an airtight pitcher and a custom measuring scoop.


I’m a little dopey on cold medication right now, so I initially read that as “mix it with such as a whiskey.” I thought you were suggesting that people blend their Soylent with whiskey instead of water. Had a good laugh.

ALTHOUGH, at least then you’d always be sure you’d have something in your stomach to go along with your alcohol. Soylent cocktails, anyone? ;D


i dumped some jack daniels tennesee honey in a soylent meal a few weeks ago…not so good.

Going on vacation soon…gonna try Soylent mixed with strawberry daquari…ill report back on that one…