"Soylent Has A Dream: To Be The Red Bull Of Video Gaming"


from Buzzfeed: “Soylent Has A Dream: To Be The Red Bull Of Video Gaming


Isn’t Red Bull the Red Bull of video gaming?


Best part of the article: Rob’s pet pig.



In September, Soylent signed a sponsorship deal with the Electronic Sports League, which runs events including ESL One, the tournament being held this weekend in New York. The deal represents the biggest item in Soylent’s marketing budget this year, with the company paying between $100,000 and $300,000 — executives wouldn’t get more specific than that — to sponsor ESL One.

In the future, Soylent wants to build “facilities for gamers to come practice and work on their game,” said Renteln, the chief marketing officer. The company also wants to build a film studio to create its own ads, according to Julio Miles, the startup’s creative director. The ads might focus on the product, or possibly even be Red Bull-style videos featuring e-sports players.

All of this seems a bit expensive & unnecessary to me.


Apparently the pig’s name is BirdDog?

What’s wrong with Mr McPorkersons, or Ser Oinksalot?

Soylent CEO Could Face Criminal Charges for LA Hilltop 'Experiment'

Beyond the name, it appears the porcine is treated well.



How easy is it to house-train a pig?


Where did that fierce argument about how Rob wasn’t crediting washing machines with their full capacity go? He actually addressed that in this article:

If I was doing a full load of wash it would be more efficient, but since I have very little clothing and would only be washing a few pieces at a time it actually is more energy and water efficient to have new ones manufactured

Picture unrelated.


Spiderpig is the only appropriate pig name.

/or Wilbur


I feel like that’s a typo… why on earth would RL want to build gaming practice facilities? It’s completely outside their wheelhouse…

I’m thinking they meant ESL wanted to do that. If anything Rob might work a deal to stock Soylent in ESL’s training centers.


Treated well? Adorable pink piggy palace aside, it looks suspiciously like Rob is making the pig mop his floor and fold his jeans.


We always look at new concepts and ideas, we are also sponsoring a hearthstone tournament this weekend.


There’s a big difference between sponsoring an event and essentially running an entire second business…


That’s true, but as I said we look at all options.


A pointed silence on the credible reports of pig cruelty I notice.

Yet another Rosa Labs whitewash???


Pretty easy. Not only are they delicious, they’re also intelligent beasts.


Because they like to play themselves, and who wouldn’t want a nice place to do something they love?


Wow. That’s awesome. This is brilliant marketing.

For those of you who have doubts about this marketing strategy, first try to understand what a big deal e-sports is. According to Valve, the Dota 2 championship last year was watched by 20 million people. That’s bigger than the North American viewership of the NHL’s Stanley Cup finals, and not bad considering the viewership for the most recent Super Bowl was 115 million.

E-sports fills stadiums designed for World Cup matches. Here’s the opening ceremony for the League of Legends world championship — the biggest e-sports event on the planet — in Seoul last October:

The opening ceremony for the 2013 world championship at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, while only hosting 12,000 fans instead of the 40,000 in South Korea, is more theatrical and you can hear the roar of the crowd:

Gamers and Soylent are a match made in heaven, and e-sports are an enormous marketing opportunity. I would guess, though I might be wrong, that since e-sports are a new, emerging phenomenon, sponsorship deals and ad sales are cheaper than for physical sports with comparable viewerships.

All I can say is the sooner Soylent can start shipping to Asia, the better. :smile:


I would like to point out that chess players often play for many many hours a day with only some kind of soft drink as sustenance. I myself have played more than 12 hours as a casual pasttime on more occasions than I can remember, not to forget about the many weekend tournaments that are grueling all the way through. Chess also deserves sponsorship.


Another short article from Food and Wine: “Is Soylent Aiming To Be The Official Food Substitute For Gamers?


It seems like spending that money on expansion into Europe, Australia, Asia, or other locations would be a better investment than gaming.